About us

We love music.

We are musicians, music bloggers, folks of the music industry, studio professionals and music afficionados who all have one thing in common; we connect to each other through music in more ways than one could possibly imagine.

With Musicngear we set out to discover the hidden connections between our favorite music and ordinary everyday stuff. Our mission is to uncover the new world of funny, odd, interesting relations our life has with music that would otherwise go unnoticed. Why do it? Because by understanding why we love something makes us more deeply connected to it, and for the things we end up buying, more conscious, more responsible, more engaged consumers. On the flipside, it helps us form a stronger and lasting bond with our favorite music, giving us a more profound sense of belonging to a community of like-minded people.

What is Musicngear

Musicngear examines how music preferences affect buying behavior; what kind of products fans of a music genre prefer, which brands they are more versed towards, how much each music preference makes people spend. At its core lies a sophisticated recommendation engine trained by the myriads of daily users actively seeking help to decide what products are good for them.

Ever since its launch in 2012 and the introduction of the Goodforme Test in 2013, Musicngear has helped more than 4 million people make that decision, hence building a deeply extensive and constantly up-to-date database of correlations between brands, product categories, specific products, music genres and artists thoroughly broken down into demographic attributes. This inordinate amount of valueable consumer information cross-polinated with music intelligence has been a great asset to brands wishing to tap on a new market, launch a new product or engage more deeply with their existing customer base.


Musicngear was founded in 2012 as a community to connect fans of each music genre. It achieved instant net profit by integrating an extensive database of music related products obtained through partnerships with music brands, that was deeply ingrained into the website’s workflow. After a year of steady growth, the Goodforme Test was introduced, a new feature that propelled the popularity and value of the website among consumers of music gear. The team of 2 was further expanded with the launch of the Musicngear Blog in 2017, a place for music news and an incubator for artists and ideas, establishing Musicngear as the go-to place for thousands of musicians, music professionals and music afficionados wishing to connect and grow their passion for music.

In 2018, the Musicngear team launched the Livingroom Concerts, Open Rehearsals and Office Concerts initiatives as an experimental business model for artists to monetize their untapped potential and brands to connect with a targeted customer base through data-oriented relevant artist fanbase targeting.

The team

  • Chris Roditis

    Musicngear Lead Editor
    Chris Roditis has been an active musician since 1995 in various bands and projects across a variety of genres ranging from acoustic, electronic to nu metal, british rock and trip hop. He has extensive experience as a mixing engineer and producer and has built recording studios for most of the projects he has been involved with. His passion for music steered his entrepreneurial skills into founding MusicNGear in 2012.
  • Eugenia Roditis

    Musicngear Editor
    Eugenia's passion for music was ignited from an early age as she grew up in a family of musicians. She loves attending concerts and festivals, while constantly seeking fresh and exciting new artists across diverse genres. Eugenia joined the MusicnGear team in 2012.
  • George Cassadrian

    Contributing Author
    One of the two lead singers of Mobvibe, George is an avid songwriter with a refined taste in retro music and beautiful electric guitars.
  • George Katsanos

    Contributing Author
    George is the bassist of Mobvibe and a avid fan of Rock music and Fender Telecasters. When not practicing his bass lines he is busy writing code for web applications.
  • Nik Liak

    Contributing Author
    Musician, producer, DJ, promoter, and electronic music enthusiast alike, Nik Liak hails out of Thessaloniki, Greece. When not performing, he spends his time in the studio creating his own music…aided by his beloved dj gear and an upbringing in a very musically-influenced home.
  • Savannah Davanzo

    Contributing Editor
    Savannah Davanzo is a music journalist and social media coordinator from New York. Over the last six years, she has built several websites dedicated to highlighting underrated new music, all while pursuing her Master’s degree in Arts Entrepreneurship. She is the founder and lead editor of ​ The Music Mermaid where she writes album reviews, exclusive premieres, music op-eds, interviews with artists, and more. In addition to her work with TMM, she’s thrilled to be part of the MusicNGear team!
  • Adam Maidment

    Musicngear Contributing Editor
    Adam Maidment is a content writer with a keen interest in entertainment, music and pop culture. His music tastes are as varied as his interests, ranging from Kate Bush, CHVRCHES, Santigold, Friendly Fires, and Childish Gambino. You can follow him on Twitter at www.twitter.com/helloitsadam
  • Fre3Fly

    Contributing Author
    Fre3Fly is a self-taught Music Producer from Romania. As a child he was passionate about playing the piano, but life took him on a different course and he studied IT and Economics. But after graduating the university, he realized that Music is still an important part of his life and it's among the only things that really makes him happy. He listens to many styles of music so his productions vary from Chill & Tropical House to Deep House, Tech House and other sub-genres of House Music. His dream is to one day make it in the DJmag Top 100.
  • Myron Paraskevopoulos

    Contributing Author
    Music producer and sound engineer with 16,000+ hours of studio, 46 personal records and hundreds of international releases. His love for electronic music grew into a passion for music production, recording, and mixing. "My job taught me to never stop learning, even stuff that I am most sure about. As a matter of fact, the most valuable lessons hide within the things we are most confident with".
  • Aron Peak

    Contributing Author
    A passionate writer with diverse interests, an eclectic range of styles and over 5 years of experience writing for the likes of global music festivals, market leading technology companies and national arts and lifestyle outlets. Aron is also a professional music producer and runs his own record label Bare Bones. Over the past 7 years he has had multiple releases that have been supported both in the UK and Internationally (e.g. BBC Radio 1, EDC Las Vegas etc), and has toured across the world as a DJ.
  • Katia Filipović

    Contributing Author
    Katia Filipović is a radio presenter on Total Rock, a music journalist and a voice over artist. She has been interviewing musicians for almost a decade, talking to artists from various backgrounds such as Kreator, Steve Vai via Ian Anderson to Geoff Downes. You can listen to Katia’ s show, The Odyssey on Total Rock every Sunday at 3pm GMT.
  • Teresa Martini

    Contributing Author
    Terry is a marketing and event director from Italy based in Frankfurt, Germany. After completing her bachelor degree in Tourism Business between Milan and Amsterdam and her master in Events & Festivals management in Edinburgh, her career took off when she started working for Sven Väth and Cocoon Music Event GmbH in Frankfurt in 2012. After 6 years, she has decided to start her own adventure by offering her services as music marketing specialist to companies and brands which need a hand pushing their image and promotion to the right markets. Furthermore, Terry is now part of the MusicNGear team!
  • Eimear O Sullivan

    Musicngear Editor
    Eimear Ann O Sullivan is a multi-genre music producer, audio engineer and vocalist. After receiving a Masters in Music Technology from the CIT Cork School of Music, she went on to operate as a producer under the name Blakkheart. Her releases have received critical acclaim from Ireland's biggest music publications, such as District Magazine and Nialler9, alongside receiving heavy commercial radio airplay. She currently works in Cork recording studio Flashpoint CC. Previous clients of hers include the likes of Comedy Central’s Dragony Aunt star Candy Warhol, rapper Darce and Outsider YP. (Photo credit @Fabian Boros)
  • Josh Tyrrell

    Contributing Author
    Josh Is a recording engineer, producer, and mixer based in London. Starting his career at the iconic Rockfield Studios, Josh has worked alongside many high profile artists and Grammy award-winning producers. Looking to expand his horizons he traveled to work as an assistant engineer at Electric Lady Studios in New York. Moving to London in 2015, Josh was hired in-house at SARM studios, working for Trevor Horn in London and LA. As of 2018, Josh is working in-house at MarkKnopfler's British Grove Studios in London.
  • Peter D.Kay

    Contributing Author
    Peter D.kay is a music producer operating in the blooming underground scene of Thessaloniki (Greece). He has worked with numerous artists (Baby shower, Recycle bitch, Seyez Clan) to produce and contribute to their dreams of successful releases. He has been active as a session guitarist in the past and also as a recording engineer. He is currently staying busy producing local artists and diving deeper into the audio visual realm of show making. His aspiration is the creation of a collaborative project including live elements of audio and visual aspects resulting in a truly unique experience.
  • Magesh Magesh

    Contributing Author
    Magesh is a musician and producer who has worked with Rihanna, Lionel Richie, Ricky Martin, Chris Brown, The Pussy Cat Dolls, Nelly Furtado, and Vernon Reid of Living Colour. He released an instructional drumming DVD called "Unique Beats" where he mixed the drum kit with electronics and Indian hand percussion. He recently moved from Australia to the UK to explore new musical opportunities.
    Website: mageshdrumteacher.co.uk
  • Araz Mirbavandi

    Contributing Author
    With over 15 years of experience, Araz passionately channels his deep love for music into blog posts that uncover the hidden stories behind every melody.