20 Autumn Songs for Wearing Corduroy and Crunching Leaves - Part 2

By Savannah DavanzoContributing Editor

Article photo - 20 Autumn Songs for Wearing Corduroy and Crunching Leaves - Part 2

We’re back. We told you we had more autumnal tunes for you to swoon over! Without further ado, here is the second installment of our two-part autumn playlist, you can find "part 1" here

  1. The Suburbs” by Mr. Little Jeans : On Norwegian singer-songwriter Mr. Little Jeans’ cover of Arcade Fire’s “The Suburbs,” she transforms it into a buzzing electronic slow burn led by her breathy vocals and synth treatment.

  2. Parallels” by Big Thief : The finale of Brooklyn indie band Big Thief’s debut album is awash in a hypnotic, haunting treatment of swelling rock rhythms, sweet impassioned vocals, and steady percussion.

  3. Ghosting” by Freelance Whales : Our number one pick for most autumnal song of all time, this sprawling track by New York indie band Freelance Whales is a spellbinding whirlwind of chimes, buzzes, trills, and wails, endless folk elements crafting a knots-in-the-stomach kind of sound you won’t soon forget.

  4. Northbound Train” by Lovechild : New York City folk-rock band Lovechild offer a wistful lullaby here, humming atop soft strums before blooming into a woozy, choir-backed soundscape at home on a Dylan album.

  5. Heartbeats” by José González : Aptly named, this acoustic song from Swedish singer-songwriter José González pulses with a heartbeat, so sparse in its arrangement but dripping in emotion courtesy of González’s skill on guitar and his dreamy vocals.

  6. Big Black Car” by Gregory Alan Isakov : This track from singer-songwriter Gregory Alan Isakov moves quick at times but also languishes, lush elements like distant percussive shimmers and swells of strings building a rich arrangement.

  7. Hurt Less” by Julien Baker : Tennessee singer-songwriter Julien Baker is less of a songwriter and more of a poet, stripping her soul bare for every song, including this one, a delicate, moving piece built on sweet piano and magnetic strings.

  8. Dagger” by Slowdive : This 90s track from iconic English rock band Slowdive builds a moody, warbling acoustic arrangement as the base for melancholic harmony, a wistful folk gem tinged by the band’s signature shoegaze vibes.

  9. Eyes” by Rogue Wave : Indie band Rogue Wave, hailing from California, craft a sunny little singalong here with a flavorful guitar rhythm, the shimmer and jangle of percussion, and moments of sweet ghostly harmony.

  10. Orange Sky” by Alexi Murdoch : This song from British singer-songwriter Alexi Murdoch is soft and warm (sort of like a hug), a lush golden-hued acoustic lullaby sung by a rich voice.

  11. Magic Lantern Days” by mewithoutYou : Philly rock band mewithoutYou create a lazing, moody indie arrangement here built on thick percussive lines and resigned vocals, each element building in emotion and urgency as the track moves on.

  12. We Never Change” by Coldplay : From their debut album, this track isn’t the chart-topping Coldplay we know today, but it’s so much more. Emotive acoustic strums lead the track along with Chris Martin’s aching voice and resounding piano sparkles.

  13. Moonlight On The River” by Mac DeMarco : An iconic singer-songwriter, Mac DeMarco offers a decadent seven-minute piece that languishes, a dreamy slow-burn soundscape hosting his gentle voice.

  14. You Have To Believe That Life Is More Than The Sum Of Its Parts, Kiddo” by empire! empire! (i was a lonely estate) : In this song by Michigan emo band empire! empire! a heavy percussion base leads contemplative (and slightly devastating) lyrics and increasingly aggressive, stirring rock rhythms.

  15. Ghosts” by Laura Marling : On this pretty little song, British singer-songwriter Laura Marling delivers a rapid-fire delivery atop a quiet acoustic guitar line, twinkling chimes, and the barely-there buzz of strings.

  16. Wasted Mind - Stories” by SUSTO : Charleston indie-band SUSTO’s stripped-down track features distant vocals (in the vein of Jeff Tweedy’s endless ache) crooned atop a simple guitar rhythm backed by piano sparkles that build an unforgettable gut-punch.

  17. Scott Street” by Phoebe Bridgers : Los Angeles songstress Phoebe Bridgers studied vocal jazz at university, but her indie gems are a dream. With her distinctive croon singing above tender layers of percussion and guitar, she builds an emotive track with major sob appeal.

  18. Giving It All Away” by Kris Gruen : Son of legendary music photographer Bob Gruen, singer-songwriter Kris grew up around the bustling NYC music scene, but has since crafted his own blend of cinematic anthems. Here, he tones it down with a gentle slow-going folk arrangement and stunning harmony.

  19. Please Don’t Go” by Conner Youngblood : On this song by Nashville-based singer-songwriter Conner Youngblood, breathy barely-there vocals seem to melt over a stripped-down folk acoustic arrangement.

  20. I Don’t Know” by Aaradhna : In this song by New Zealand songstress Aaradhna, we’re sucked into a sultry whirlwind of drowsy jazz shimmers, sparkling keys, and warbling electric.

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