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By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Milkshake Sky - Lisa Curran

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‘Milkshake Sky’ is a gorgeous meld of melancholy uneasy analog textures; mixed with glittering walls of pop, giving way to a song that is simultaneously both new and old; the verses possessing the haunting quality found in a lot of classics (a characteristic that is also present in a lot of Lana del Ray’s music) 

‘Milkshake Sky’ is “a song set to the poem by Farida Momtaz; and is a representation of an up and down relationship whether that be a love interest, a friend or a family member!”

The Kerry based artist was recently a featured artist on the #1 single ‘embrace the world’ by Kevin Walsh which was a huge success for Ireland's autism charity AsIAm. 

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Dance For You - Empress Of

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The newest release from the LA based artist. Rich electronic with slightly mournful descending chords, a house beat paired with flawless vocals, this reminds me of a lot of mid-2000s pop electronic songs. As with all of Empress Of’s releases, this is filled with beautiful and imaginative production choices. 

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idk, maybe - Just Wondering

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This is the newest release from the Dublin-based trio - and it is gorgeous. 

idk maybe” features slightly forlorn electronic pop textures, with utterly addictive vocal melodies and production. This will be the soundtrack to a lot of summer memories. 

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Cherry - Blithe

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Opening with a bang, with huge drums and a plucking, groove filled bassline, this demands your utmost attention from the moment it begins, before dissolving into a rich gleaming chorus with sublime vocals. You need this.  

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Between The Lines - TATYANA

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Pitch perfect vocals easing over a rising wall of electronic pop textures; before descending into gorgeous pop/shoegaze verse, littered with analog texture synths and pads, turning this song into something fully unique. This one is for lucid dreaming.

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Technicolor - Madison Rose

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This is technicolor in song form.

Featuring lush, reflective pads and synthesis reminiscent in texture to a lot of mid 2000s electronic-pop production, the arpeggiated basslines, sublime stacked vocals, all lead into a huge exploding kaleidoscopic chorus that lifts you right out of your seat.

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Sticky Sweet - Lagoona Bloo, Lemon

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Candy- like glistening melodies, all sprinkled over a throbbing industrial bassline - Sickly Sweet is confectionery spun sugar. The verses lead into a dreamily smooth chorus that mixes the best of pop and electronic textures.

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Lime - EFÉ

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Every song released by Dublin based artist EFÉ is drenched with DIY bedroom pop flavored character. LIME is a refreshing blast of warmth and citrusy magical touches, before hitting you with an in your face chorus, so, so good. 

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