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This month’s edition of Best in Pop features; a 90s flavored blend of bubblegum electronic pop; darkwave synth pop that will bring you down into a neon-soaked underworld; Halloween flavored punk pop; a phantasmagoric synth-wave dreamscape; pop that bears the artists’ soul, making you feel like you are right there with them in their studio apartment, and much more.

Featuring Neggy Gemmy, Sarah Bonito, June Jones, Katie Dey,  LEATHERS, Centi85,AILSHA, Fiona Sharkey, Luna J, and Vanessa Amara.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Gemmy Juice - Neggy Gemmy, Sarah Bonito

Article photo - Best in Pop - Hot New Releases

Neggy Gemmy is back with ‘Gemmy Juice’ - a strawberry pink masterpiece that will teleport you right back to the 90s.

Featuring Sarah Bonito, we open with warm, slightly nostalgic electronic pads ( the chord progression bringing to mind the very best of 90s/early 2000s electronic/pop intros), accompanied by a lofi house beat, sprinkled with aquatic sound fx, synonymous with that era of music. It then descends into a chorus which features earth shattering sub-bass. This sounds like a summer afternoon in the 90s; and, in order to fully immerse yourself in the world of ‘Gemmy Juice’, you have to watch the sparkling, gleaming, bubblegum pink music video also, directed by Sarah Ritter.

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If Only - June Jones, Katie Dey

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Taken from the album ‘Pop Music For Normal Women’ (which was written, recorded, and produced in the artist’s small studio apartment), ‘If Only’ draws you right into the room with the artist; with its raw, stream of consciousness style lyrics. The production is brilliant, especially the sampling and chopping of the vocals; the chorus is haunting, and slightly melancholic - this is absolutely fantastic. 

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Ultraviolet - LEATHERS

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LEATHERS is back, with the gloriously dark ‘Ultraviolet’. Opening with dreamy, slightly ominous pads, with gorgeous vocals melting over the darkwave backdrop, this will take you on a neon soaked journey, right down into the night-time underworld.

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All Night - Cenit85

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Taken from the EP ‘Purple City’ - the opening of ‘All Night’ sounds like a dreamscape. A lucious, phantasmagoric bed of pads breathes underneath a gorgeous synth line; this is a smooth ride from start to finish. A gorgeous blend of synth pop, dance pop and synthwave - treat your ears.

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The Party -  Fiona Sharkey

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A glimmering bed of electronics and pop, from Irish producer Fiona Sharkey. We open with a gleaming organ, which is then seamlessly replaced by gentle piano for the verse, over which ice-like vocals glide; before being a wall of synthesizers and effect laden vocals melt in. Everything in this song blends perfectly; and the results are something thoroughly unique, that is alive with imagination. You need to hear this. 

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R.I.P (Dead 2 Me) - AILSHA

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There is, quite frankly, not enough music that pays homage to Halloween; however, fear not, this newest pop-punk song from Bray artist AILSHA will save the day. Spooky, gothic lyrics (that would not be out of place in a Tim Burton movie) fuse together perfectly with the uneasy instrumental, before diving into a truly glorious, in your face chorus. 

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Obsessed- LUNA J

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This is a pop punk/rock blend that possesses a slight early 2000s feel. ‘Obsessed’ features incredibly powerful vocals, a wall of guitars and earth shattering drums - put this on, and allow yourself to lose it completely. 

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Hello - Vanessa Amara

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Chopped up and sped up vocals sampled over a bed of warm bed of pads and strings; this is a gorgeous blend of hyper pop and ambient music - taken from the album Fonetica Amara, listen to the full album here

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