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This month’s edition of Best in Pop features; a eurodance flavored synthesized pop extravaganza, that is part of a glamorous wellness retreat; DIY lofi pop that comes to you from your dreams; a dark synthesized pop songs that plays to you, enticing you in to a mysterious forest;a psychedelic pop milkshake; an album interlude that bears the heavenly quality of Sofia Coppola movies, and more. 

Featuring t.RUTH, Mel 4Ever, Ultraflex, Bleach Lab, veronicavon, Davy Era, BLACKSTARKIDS, Peach Luffe and AVELINA.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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I Don’t Need To Be Saved - t.RUTH

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The newest release from Cork artist t.Ruth is goosebump inducing pop at its best. A lush bed of warm synthesizers rise under a thoroughly addictive vocal-line; reverb shimmers and gleams; all coming together to stand behind the message that you do not need to be saved, and you are enough. 

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I HATE U - Mel 4Ever

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The newest release from Mel Ever is a mixture of raw industrial fury, with glittering pink pop textures, and it is truly glorious. This will allow you to unhinge your jaw; and let out all of the primal rage you have kept at bay during daylight hours.

On the song’s theme, the artist says it is "about releasing that initial feeling of pure hatred when someone hurts you. It’s the feeling of when you want to hurt somebody back because they have hurt you so much. I wanted to use very industrial and intense sounds to portray that visceral, heart throbbing, heated feeling of “hatred”. By recognizing that connection, and not willing to participate in it, makes me hate that person even more." 

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Baby - Ultraflex

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I was first introduced to the world of Ultra Flex via the track Rhodos, an example of shimmering, glimmering, 2000s camp, and immediately became a fan. The duo have just released an entire album called ‘Infinite Wellness’ ( which is so damn good) - ‘Baby’ being taken from this. Celestial bells, otherworldly pads, mixed with a truly amazing eurodance beat and hypnotizing vocals - this song is utter bliss.

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I Could Be Your Safe Place - Bleach Lab

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Taken from the album ‘If You Only Feel It Once’ - this song possesses a hugely powerful wall of sound, peppered with dreampop touches. ‘ I Could Be Your Safe Place’ is the type of song that feels like it sparked your love of music in the first place; one strongly linked to a memory.

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Could’ve Tried - veronicavon (Davy Era remix)

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I was scrolling through the Bandcamp tag ‘bedroom pop’ when the artwork for veronicavon’s EP ‘Next Life’ caught my eye. This DIY lofi pop is what you hear in your dreams (Good Girl is possibly the best song that exists in this genre) ‘Could’ve Tried’ is a remix of one of the songs from this EP, and it is warm, gentle, imaginative and slightly mournful. 

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‘Pink Starz’ is a dreamy, psychedelic milkshake that is unlike anything you have heard before. The soundscape shimmers and warbles behind the vocals; the chorus is so good it will knock you to the floor. 

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Sunset - Peach Luffe

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Album interludes are possibly my favorite parts of albums; this most likely being due to the quality of the interludes on the 20001 album ‘Stripped’, and so forth. ‘Sunset’ is taken from the album ‘ Everything is peachy’, and bears the heavenly, dreamy quality of a Sofia Coppola movie; this is in the truest sense, utterly divine.

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Intangible - AVELINA

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’Intangible’ is the newest release from the Irish- German solo artist AVELINA. This plays to you from the dark corners of a lush green forest;the dark and powerful synth work in the chorus being reminiscent of Purity Ring, the verses featuring rich sound design. This is a work of art.

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