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This month’s edition of Best in Pop includes; an ethereal pop track that is a gothic wonderland, laced with gentle, shimmering textures; experimental, drag influenced queer pop that melds South Asian influences with pink bubblegum electronics; cherry flavored DIY vaporwave/synth pop; lofi bedroom pop that will encase you with its warmth and keep you safe; furious pop rock with nostalgic influences and more.

Featuring Polartropica, Bijuriya, Rachaellica, Laptop Funeral, Emei, Sorcha Durham, and E V Bennett 

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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What’s Your Fantasy - Polartropica

Article photo - Best in Pop - Hottest New Releases

The newest release from Galactic Dream Pop artist Polartropica is a deliciously gothic, psychedelic feast for the eyes and ears. The music video is a take on Alice in Wonderland (and was nominated for Cannes Film Festival 2022, in the Music Video Category); featuring the talents of director Vanessa Marzaroli.

It opens with a gentle, glittering bed of synths, harps and vocals; before enormous 808s enter alongside electronic drums and shimmering vocals. This pulls you into a blood thirsty, pastel soaked wonderland; one that allows you to express all of your innermost desires; allowing you to slip into a dreamstate where the dimensions between imagination and reality blur. The world of ‘What’s Your Fantasy’ is a thoroughly immersive one; one you need to visit.

This song is also a loving tribute to trans and queer community in LA, exploring their fashion and legacy 

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Bijuriya Chamke, Pt 1 - Bijuriya

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I came across this when scrolling through Bandcamp; the pastel pink visuals of the EP artwork catching my eye. This is taken from the Montreal based drag performer’s EP ‘Bijuriya Chamke’; featuring sonic elements from South Asian culture, flowing alongside glittering pastel pink pop textures. The lyrics are delivered in a stream-conscious style, with parody influences - the results being an enriching and enjoyable listening experience. The chorus is divine, with gorgeous vocal chopping and sampling - this experimental, drag influenced queer pop shimmers and gleams, and is unlike anything you have ever heard before. Utterly wonderful.

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Princess - Rachaellica

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There is nothing I love more than a thoroughly spicy lyric that manages to express a feeling I have had in the past, but have never fully been able to articulate, so instead, I suppress it, but the lingering feeling of frustration remains. The chorus of this DIY vaporwave/synth pop cherry flavored track delivers this catharsis, and does so fabulously.  Opening with 80s flavored drums, cloudy pink synthesis and reverb drenched vocals, we then delve into the chorus which delivers the line ‘You tell me I behave like a princess/ You drove me to it so I guess you would know best’. Treat your ears to the entire EP ‘Cherry Vision Systems’

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safe place - Laptop Funeral

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Experimental, DIY bedroom pop - that is warm, safe and happy - this song feels like home. 

Since restrictions have been lifted, and everything is back to being as crowded and terrifying as it was before the pandemic, I love coming home to coziness, quiet and safety. This song makes you feel like you are wrapped in a blanket; with a nice warm cup of hot chocolate, just chilling, thoroughly at peace, at last, alone with your thoughts. This is one of those songs we you feel like you are there with the artist, as they make this warm lofi music, that is a stream of consciousness, in the safest place in the world. This is magical.

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Backtrack - Emei

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A pop/rock anthem that deals with someone saying something truly devastating to you in passing, in a mundane, everyday setting - and the series of events that take place after this veil has been pierced.  ‘Back, backtrack/Better think fast/Swear to God/You didn’t mean it like that’ - we have all been there. Emei paints this picture with a machete - this is cathartic and glorious. 

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Fireside - Sorcha Durham

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Ethereal pop and electronics mixed together to create a deeply haunting ambience; beginning with throbbing arpeggiated bass, icy piano notes and whispered, uneasy vocals. The lyrics are direct; these are words of someone who has been silent, has had their voice taken from them, and finally finds themselves able to rise to the storm - ‘ you took all my words, you took all my time’. The arrangement is powerful, eerie and goosebump inducing. 

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All I Wanted - E V Bennett

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The newest release from Michigan based producer, songwriter and visual artist E.V Bennett. This features a cloud like ambience of pop/electronics, a hardcore drumbeat and reverb laden vocals lamenting ‘ All I wanted was you’ - this is gorgeously lush;and is a thoroughly original and artistic song.

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