#GEARTALK with Falls So Fast

Falls So Fast recently released their new album Calm, and guitarist Alec Francesconi shares all about the gear used in the making of the albumBe sure to check out their album on Spotify or Bandcamp!

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - #GEARTALK with Falls So Fast

Boston-based duo Falls So Fast is a powerful collaboration between two musical minds: Alec Francesconi on guitar and Todd Stephany on guitar/vocals. Drawing their eclectic sound from a wide mix of genres such as singer-songwriter, indie rock, groove, folk/country, and more, their music is bound to take you on a captivating sonic journey.

Article photo - #GEARTALK with Falls So Fast
Their third 11-track studio album Calm was released in February 2022, following Pace in 2021 and The Treehouse Sessions: Volume 1 in 2019 all written and produced in Francesconi's studio the Electric Treehouse.

In terms of gear they used for making Calm, Alec Francesconi explains: My studio is an analog/digital hybrid. I record into PTools rig but use a wide variety of analog mic pres on the inbound signal chain. Pre-amps used include Vintech x273, 1970's era Universal Audio 610, Universal Audio 710, JDK, API Audio 3124, AMEK 9098, Grace Design M103 and a pair of mod'd Chameleon labs pres.

I also use Warm Audio LA2A and Pultec clones. Recorded with a wide variety of mics that I've collected over the years - a lot of the usual suspects. I did most of the acoustic parts on a 1973 Gibson Hummingbird and we used a 2000's era Martin Guitars for others. Wide variety of electrics including late 90's Fender strat, 80's era Les Paul, 1973 Gretsch Country Gentleman, a PRS, Gibson J59, and others (we have a lot of guitars).

For amps, I use a 1967 Ampeg Reverberocket for most of my electric stuff but also used a vintage Gretsch and Fender Vibroluxe - Todd has a variety of boutique heads and a custom cab he uses for most of his stuff. And lots of pedals of course.

Our Opinion

Calm is a feel-good, intoxicating fusion of music genres that promises to mesmerize you from its first note to the last. Featuring uplifting, euphoric tunes, haunting guitars, and enhancing vocal performances, Calm is bound to lift your spirits and give you that much-needed boost of energy.

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