Getting into Bedroom Pop: Gear, Techniques & Practical Advice from Senseless Optimism

In this series of articles, we speak to some of the best bedroom pop artists out there; who capture the essence of what has made this genre so magical. We discuss how to get that signature sound, production, DIY recording, gear, promotion, and creating a visual world for your music. 

In part 2, we spoke with Senseless Optimism

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor
Article photo - Getting into Bedroom Pop: Gear, Techniques & Practical Advice from Senseless Optimism

Musicngear: What does your overall creative process look like?

Lately, my creative process has been evolving. 

Before, I would always sit in bed, write a song and record a voice memo. Would always start with just my vocals and my unplugged Epiphone Swingster to see if the song got stuck in my head, then go into Logic to further develop it. These days, I’ve been skipping the voice memo step. Writing songs straight into Logic. Whether it’s a cool riff I’ve thought of, a great bass line, or a funky beat, I have really been pushing the boundaries of my creative process. The goal is to be less bogged down by the routines I’ve created for myself, even though it has led me to some success. Growth is always the main focus.

Musicngear: As an artist who conceptualizes all of the music and the visual world behind it, what are some useful resources you would recommend? 

Before any tools or software, a team is integral to seeing any idea through. Finding people with skills that you may be able to tap into, but they are more knowledgeable in, really propels you further. When I started I did everything myself, but once I found the team I have no, they pushed me to go harder as well as enabled a growth faster than I could’ve imagined.

Musicngear: For artists who are interested in getting into Bedroom Pop/DIY Pop, what are some artists you recommend they listen to? 

My music is constantly changing but my top three at the moment are: Michael Seyer, The Drums, and Hether.

Musicngear: What is your process for promoting your music once completed? 

As cliché as it sounds, I always make sure to put my song(s) on the Distributor at least two weeks in advance. From there I go on SubmitHub, and try to get into playlists, press, etc. Pre-Release Promo wise I make various Reels of the best parts of the song: singing/dancing to it, playing, etc. to build hype. A week out the date is announced, continuing to build hype on my stories. More on posts about the meaning of the song. I then announce the release the day of and post release I follow the suggestions of Musformation (he’s great, check him out).

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