Hot Electronic - Best of July

The best electronic releases we discovered in the month of July - featuring late 90s/mid 2000s style remixes, earth shattering house, rnb sprinkled electronic and experimental electronic.

Featuring NIMMO, Yunè Pinku, Shygirl, Daphni, Young Fathers, Tove Lo, DJ  Dave, Porij, and Jodie Harsh

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Company - NIMMO

Article photo - Hot Electronic - Best of July

The newest release from the British duo - ‘Company’ opens with a throbbing house bass and a highly addictive vocal line; all leading into a powerhouse of a chorus, reminiscent of some of the most glorious electronic/house endeavors from the 2000s.  

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Bluff - Yunè Pinku (yeule & Kin Leonn Remix)

Article photo - Hot Electronic - Best of July

There is a deeply hypnotic quality to Yuné Pinku’s Bluff; this remix by yeule and Kin Leonn not only encapsulates and preserves this quality; it puts a dreamy spin on it, drawing you into its slightly otherworldly realm.  What begins as a lush landscape, slowly escalates into fever dream of distortion and alien-like vocal chopping. A fantastic remix.

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Coochie (a bedtime story) - Shygirl

Article photo - Hot Electronic - Best of July

Sugary sweet Rnb, reminiscent of the glistening soundscapes of RnB in the mid 2000s; candy-like bells and sugary synths glide underneath icing like vocals; before a trap beat with electronic elements comes in for the chorus.

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Clavicle - Daphni

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Warm, mesmerizing synths; sprinkled with house percussion and gleaming synthesis - drenched in imagination, this never lets you go. 

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Geronimo - Young Fathers

Article photo - Hot Electronic - Best of July

The first time I heard Young Fathers was when I was watching Sherlock with my parents in 2013/2014, and Ebony Sky came on over an ad for upcoming BBC shows, and all of us were immediately drawn into how incredibly good this song was. There is truly no other group quite like Young Fathers - their newest release Geronimo being yet another truly spectacular journey of darkness and light; the lyrics having a fable-like philosophical quality - weaving over thoroughly hypnotic percussion.

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No One Dies From Love - Tove Lo ( DJ Dave Remix)

Article photo - Hot Electronic - Best of July

This has the best qualities of your favorite remixes from the late 90s and mid-early 2000s; the melancholy, deep pads, lush reverb, trance like synthesizers - all rising into a euphoric wall that encapsulates the raw joy that electronic music offers. A truly spectacular remix.

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Automatic- Porij

Article photo - Hot Electronic - Best of July

The newest release from the UK based band Porij, is a dark, dreamy and hypnotic affair, and is lush electronic music at its finest. 

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Shock - Jodie Harsh

Article photo - Hot Electronic - Best of July

Deep house bass with a truly addictive hook - ‘Shock’ allows you to bring the glamour of the night with you wherever you go, and is another flawless production by producer Jodie Harsh.

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