Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

This month's edition of Hot Electronic features; a song that sounds like it is accompanying your journey throughout the vastness of space; a song that sounds like the bleeps and bloops of being within a space travel vessel; an electronic song that sounds like a mirage in a desert at the edge of your consciousness, a dreamy song that could be from the soundtrack to a cult movie with velveteen visuals from the early 2000s; and more!

Featuring: Palo Canto, Aran Sheehy, Vegyn, Lauren Auder, Princess Superstar, Coolgirl, Coefficient, DJ Dave, R Tyler and GIDEÖN

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

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Marcus Garvey - GIDEÖN

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

I loved this from 0:01 into the song, and you will too. This brings me right into the world of the 1995 movie Party Girl (which I recently watched, after coming across a video of Parker Posey dancing to Chantay Savage’s If You Believe in the library, possibly one of the best scenes in cinematic history). Marcus Garvey was a legendary Jamaican political activist, the artist has written more about the inspiration behind the music here. This song already sounds like a classic, this is a queer house at its very, very best. Make everyone listen to this. 

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Silverlight - Coolgirl

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

Eerie, ominous, and entrancing; Silverlight takes place at night time;  as you walk, or ride your bike alone, at the edge of a town where something is just kind of off. This sounds like it is saturated with a decades long mystery at the core of a 1970s/1980s science fiction TV show or movie, it is nostalgic, without you being fully able to pinpoint why, and it is transformative. This is taken from the EP Failed Reboot, I highly recommend it.

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Palo Canto - West Wind

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

This is a hypnotic, entrancing, mirage of electronic textures. West Wind (from Palo Canto, a Budapest-based duo made up of Bertalan Toth and Peter Kedves); invites you into a hazy paradise, one where reality shimmers and flickers at the edge of your peripheral vision. Let this sweep you up, and become even more mesmerized by the music video, which you can watch here.

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Moonwalker - Aran Sheehy

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

The newest release from electronic music producer Aran Sheehy is an all encompassing, immersive soundscape; the sound design capturing the overwhelming awe experienced when taking in the sheer scale of the cosmos and space, as you take in its beauty and vast unfamiliarity. This is a sonic portal to space travel, put your headphones on, and explore.

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Halo Flip - Vegyn, Lauren Auder

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

This feels like a memory or a dream; it also feels like it could be from an early 2000s cult movie with velvet visuals, that you watched in youth.  The electronic textures glimmer with imagination, the y2k percussion is just flawless, this is surreal, this is magical, this takes place in a dimension in between reality and a dreamscape.

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Iceee Cream - Princess Superstar

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

This is a neon pink electronic burst of euphoria; one that has the unparalleled addictive quality of electronic hits from the early to mid-2000s. The production is flawless, as are the vocals, this is going to be one of your favorites. 

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Meissa (Space Mix) - Coefficient

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

This is described as sci-fi techno music; and I am obsessed, Bleeps and bloops, with a general sense of otherworldliness, this is taken from the artist's EP Infolding, which will transport you into the hypnotic blinking lights of a space travel vessel, as you enter unfamiliar terrain, this is will be your companion.

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Bloom - DJ Dave, [alsoknownasrox Edit]

Article photo - Hot Electronic - December 2023 Edition

I came across DJ Dave as a result of her remix of Tove Lo’s No One Dies From Love (which is earth-shatteringly good, the walls of electronic synths bring to mind the very best of mid 2000s electronic music, mixed with the melancholy of Swedish pop). This is taken from the EP Intercell (The Live Code Edits), the house pads shimmer with the vocals, the results being something that feels so alive, this feels like a surreal summer's day in technicolor.

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