Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

This month’s edition of Hot Electronic features; a neon milkshake of DIY 90s/2000s electronic extravaganza; an otherworldly sea of glimmering electronics; a song that sounds like it is from a subterranean 90s club, with purple velvet curtains; bubble gum pop flavored electronic; luxurious lofi house that will make you picture houseplants and coffee; and more.

Featuring Neggy Gemmy, Vitesse X, Tom Rasmussen, Michèle Lamy, 1-800 GIRLS,Rose Gray, Elaine Mai, Maykay, The Supertones, Palmate, BaBii and Pholo

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

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Black Ferrari - Neggy Gemmy

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

Over the past few years, I have been traveling back to the 90s/early 2000s; both in style,  TV-show choices and overall musical taste. The day I came across Neggy Gemmy’s Daydream was, in truth, euphoric, and teleported me back to a very specific time and vibe.

Every single Neggy Gemmy release is a neon milkshake of DIY 90s/2000s extravaganza; each song is more addictive than the last. This newest release Black Ferrari is no exception; the bassline and sampled vocals entrancing you immediately, the chorus featuring a sublime mix of her signature smooth vocal sampling, fused with electronics, the results being thoroughly hypnotic. This is fun, nostalgic, and expertly put together. Check out the music video here.

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Street Violence - Tom Rasmussen, Michèle Lamy

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

A breeze of lush electronics wash over you; coaxing you into the mesmerizing world of this song. House hi-hats enter, alongside beautifully layered electronic vocals that have a slightly disco feel; whilst a wall of sound is subtly rising and rising behind the vocals. The chorus is earth shattering, raw, electronic glory. The second half of the song has gorgeous house style chords, overlaid with divine, soaring vocals. A powerhouse of a song; which is taken from the upcoming album Body Building (which you can pre order here), which is dedicated to queer and trans people everywhere, and speaks to the artist’s experience as a queer femme person. 

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Right Now - Vitesse X

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

The newest release from Vitesse X is otherworldly and uneasy; lulling you into another dimension with its eerie synthesis. A beat comes in, over which haunting vocals are sampled before the heavenly main vocals flow in over the drone bass. This is thoroughly hypnotizing and will draw you into a shimmering sea of electronics.

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90% - 1-800 GIRLS

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

Earth shattering drums come in, sprinkled with vocal samples, ambient sound fx, with a sub bass looming in the background, all hinting at something on the horizon. This has an underground 90s club vibe; and has the nostalgic and surreal quality present in a lot of 90s classic electronic music. The chorus is divine,  a wall of pads coming in, entrancing you into its velvet subterranean underworld.

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Ecstasy - Rose Gray

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

Taken from the EP Higher Than The Sun, this is addictive, bubble gum pop flavored electronic; and it is fun. Silky vocals slide over the house chords; giving it a slight rave quality. This song  has sunshine and hope saturated to its core, if you are struggling in any way, this will bring you back.

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What Will You Say? - Elaine Mai, Maykay and The Supertones

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

Created in association with The Ark arts center in Dublin, featuring The Supertones youth choir, and written alongside artist MayKay; this song has the joy and creativity of youth infused throughout. This will make your day.

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Closer - Palmate

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

House with a luxurious analog quality, sprinkled with gorgeous lofi textures - this is one to listen to while surrounded by house plants, the smell of coffee in the air, the sun is rising, the whole day awaiting you. 

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EMBER_DNB_edit001 - BaBii, Pholo

Article photo - Hot Electronic - March 2023 Edition

Taken from the album SCREAMER_edit_Vii, this song opens with ethereal vocals, floating alongside a wall of paradise like pads, drawing you into a fantasy realm; before blowing the roof off with the Dnb beat comes in; littered spooky synthesis and glittering textures, making this a thoroughly fun listening experience. Creativity and imagination ooze throughout every element of this song - treat your ears.

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