Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

A roundup of some of our favorite electronic releases from the year so far, featuring; a shimmering electronic song that has harmonies en par with the likes of Destiny’s Child’s in Destiny Fulfilled; a nostalgic DIY electronic song that transports you back to a sun-soaked afternoon in the early-mid 2000s, as you immerse yourself in the entrancing worlds of Sabrina The Teenage Witch, Charmed, and so on; a song with euphoric soundscapes that sit somewhere between memory and reality; and more!

Featuring Boy Racer, Street Fever, MathMan, PROM, DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ, Seraphina Simone, Girls Of The Internet, shiv and Lewwab.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

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Show Me - MathMan

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

A rave-style track that is emblematic of the anticipation, exhilaration, and release at the very core of what draws us to electronic music. The soundscapes in this invoke the all-encompassing, mesmerizing sensation of a flashback (a quality that is at the fabric of some of the most profound electronic music). The sampling of the vocals, against the lavish, rising bed of electronics is simultaneously melancholic and elation-inducing, before exploding into drum and bass territory; this will send you into the stratosphere. 

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Never Ever Ever - Girls Of The Internet (feat shiv)

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

This sounds like a surreal summer's evening where flowers are kaleidoscopic, everything is shimmering slightly, and you are in awe of the sheer beauty of the world around you. The vocals in this are some of the best vocals I think I have ever heard, (the layering of harmonies in the pre-chorus and chorus are like bursts of dopamine, en par with the likes of those in Destiny’s Child’s album Destiny Fulfilled, if you know, you know).  This sparkles with life - you need to listen to this, immediately. 

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Kora - Boy Racer, S.U.R.E, Sharpson

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

Euphoric trance with soundscapes that sit somewhere between the dimension of a dream and reality; this will transport you back to the early 2000s; with its shimmering walls of syncopated vocals and pads. Ice-like vocals glitter at the edge of your ears; before diving headfirst into a hypnotic abyss of shining electronics. This is absolutely glorious from start to finish.

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Sinner - Street Fever

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

The sonic world that this song inhabits, is a condemned zone, one where the earth-shattering bass and parable adjacent lyrics shake the concrete walls. This is raw, it is a release, it explores inner resilience, and is a call to reclaim your power (it kind of brings to mind the likes of Young Fathers). Street Fever is an anonymous mixed-media performance artist based in Idaho, who you can see live at the below dates and locations: 

March 20-24: Boise, ID  Treefort Music Festival

April 6: San Diego, CA  Modern Wav w/ HEALTH, PANTHER MODERN

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Some Kind Of Destiny - DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

From the prolific, unrivaled, and truly magical DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ; Some Kind Of Destiny was released as a single this February, (taken from the album Destiny). 

The opening bars hit you like the warm rush of a sunlit afternoon in the early 2000s; ice-like textures twinkling and sparkling, like the enchanting worlds you immersed yourself in. This features DJ Sabrina The Teenage DJ’s signature earworm production with a DIY flair (which is one of the main things I feel that makes this artist so wonderful to listen to, as the creativity and soul of the artist is poured into each song). 

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Set Me Free - PROM

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

Taken from their new EP Private Dreams, the single Set Me Free is the kind of electronic music that induces the effect of a nostalgic memory. Opening on a bed of dreamy, lush pads; the vocals crystalline; the effects creating ice cloud-like textures around them, with a goosebump-inducing effect. The beat is DnB influenced, with a droning bass, this reminds me of some of the best mid-2000s electronic DnB tracks; this is one of my favorite electronic releases of the year.

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Better Days - Seraphina Simone

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

Crystal clear vocals that bear the artist’s soul, paired with electronic bass and unusual musical textures at the periphery of your ears; this newest release from Seraphina Simone is a burst of creativity and imagination. The middle 8 is a luxurious and unusual bed of synthesis, this is a joy to listen to.

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That's What She said - Lewwab

Article photo - Hot Electronic: March 2024 Edition

Entrancing, haunting vocals sampled over a pulsating beat; the vocalist singing the chorus of the historic Tatu song All The Things She Said (what more could you ask for?). The dark bed of electronics, the hypnotic beat, and the bewitching vocals make this an all-immersive experience.

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