Hot Electronic - October 2022 Edition

This month’s edition of Hot Electronic features; a voyage through the hot pink glamor and seediness of early 00’s cyberspace; dreamy garage; dark-electro saturated with the noir quality of the alternative 90s; celestial house with fairytale like lyrics; a retro remix that sounds like it was plucked from a surreal 70s movie that became a cult classic; an 80s flavored remix that will send you back to the euphoria of youth, and more.

Featuring  Neggy Gemmy, Wallis Bird, Arvo Party, chxmist, STAHLGEIST, Kormac, Loah, Vitesse X, FM Skyline, Angel Ho and Black Girl / White Girl.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Neggy Gemmy - Twisted

Article photo - Hot Electronic - October 2022 Edition

The newest release from Neggy Gemmy is a hot pink voyage through early 2000s cyberspace.

The intro features vocal chopping reminiscent of the styles used in the intros/interludes of songs in the 2000s; unfolding against a dreamy tapestry of bells. 808s come in, followed by gorgeous hyper-pop vocals, sprinkled with more vocal chopping and effects. This is a fever dream; one that will take you on a trip through the early and lurid aesthetic of the early 2000s internet. Check out the visualizer here

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Fleeting - chxmist

Article photo - Hot Electronic - October 2022 Edition

Taken from the EP ‘Reunion’ -’ Fleeting’ features garage influences, gorgeous vocal chopping - all set against an eerily beautiful soundscape, which rises and rises before dissolving into a chorus with percussive synthesis, and more expert vocal chopping. This is fantastic.

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September Dark - STAHLGEIST

Article photo - Hot Electronic - October 2022 Edition

A gloriously dark journey of electronics, saturated with mystery. Taken from the album ‘Altered Reality’ (which you can listen to here), Stahlgeist is made up of István Gazdag (First Aid 4 Souls) and Tamás Bank. For some reason, this brings me back to the experimental/alternative art of the ’90s (the era of Run, Lola, Run, Spaced etc) - ‘Dark September’ is laced with this imaginative, gritty quality.

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Carry Weight - Kormac, Loah

Article photo - Hot Electronic - October 2022 Edition

A blend of house, lyrics that unfold like a fairy tale, celestial textures and orchestral instruments; this newest release from Irish artists Kormac and Loah, will both soothe and rejuvenate you. 

Opening with harps, house hi-hats, and the heavenly vocals of Loah, the slightly uneasy atmosphere builds with orchestral elements joining; forming a sparkling, breathing wall of music. Magical.

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Rash Devices (FM Skyline Remix) - Vitesse X, FM Skyline 

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This was released back in May; but I only came across it recently and had to include it, as for some reason I imagine this taking place in a slightly surreal, cult 70s movie.

FM Skyline’s remix is thoroughly hypnotic, with a retro electronica quality saturated throughout. .Lush pads, odd synthesizers, layered vocals all form together to paint a Twin Peak’s eque visual in your mind - this is from another time.

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F.K.K (No Pants Dance) - 80s Remix - Wallis Bird, Arvo Party

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A gloriously 80s-flavored remix of Wallis Bird’s F.K.K (No Pants Dance); this remix induces a warm feeling of nostalgia, alongside the slight melancholy that accompanies a memory. The pads in the chorus will send you into space with raw euphoria - this is going to be your new favorite song. 

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GLOW - Angel Ho

Article photo - Hot Electronic - October 2022 Edition

Earth-shattering drums, powerful vocals, sprinkled with experimental sound fx - this release from Cape Town based performance artist, producer, and singer Angel-Ho is phenomenal. The chorus is an explosion of electronic dance glory; the production and sound design throughout become more and more unusual and experimental; never letting you go.

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101010101 - Black Girl / White Girl

Article photo - Hot Electronic - October 2022 Edition

Gorgeous electronic/techno that is saturated with imagination (for some reason I imagine this playing over a particularly kaleidoscopic scene in an Adult Swim animation). This has a cool DIY flavor to it; the creativity of the artists fully on display. You need to hear this - it will do you good. 

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