Hot Electronic - September 2022

This month’s edition of Hot Electronic features: eerie electronic fused with Celtic influences; warm euphoric house that sounds like you heard it on a sun soaked afternoon in the early 2000s; ambient dream house with aquatic sound fx; shimmering celestial electronica; earth-shattering industrial house; velvet, mesmerizing house, and more. 

Featuring Arvo Party, Le Boom, Mount Palomar, Joshua Burnside, Kareem Ali, Jennifer Loveless,  Lea Lisa, TAAHLIAH, Frank Royal, Fairy Boy and moistbreezy.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

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33 - Paramida

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

Utter bliss.

Taken from the EP ‘Moonrise VII’ - ‘33’ is a lush bed of ambient dream house; one that could also function as a magical meditation/retreat for your ears. Aquatic sound fx are scattered throughout, soothing vocals intermittently whispering paradise, against a rising wall of pads. Paradise indeed.

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Sauve - Arvo Party

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

Euphoric, warm electronic music that induces the sensation of a sun soaked memory from youth. The newest release from the Belfast based producer is glorious; featuring fantastic sample chopping and the type of production that makes a classic; if you are slipping, this will re-capture the hope of youth.  

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Simmer - Mount Palomar, Joshua Burnside

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

‘Simmer’ is a collaboration between singer songwriter Joshua Burnside and producer Mount Palomar. It is a fusion of electronics with celtic folk; weaving a foreboding, folklore-eque tapestry. ‘Simmer’ draws you into mountainous, forest filled terrain; where something eerie is afoot under the dark skies.  

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Stay Strong - Kareem Ali

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

‘Stay Strong’ features lush synthesis that will transport you to a dreamworld. This newest release from producer Kareem Ali is simultaneously warm and ferocious; featuring a gorgeous lofi house beat melting over luscious pads. If you are doubting yourself, this will bring you back to life. 

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Chiqueness in Paris- Le Boom

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

Le Boom are back! ‘Chiqueness in Paris’ features hypnotic vocals, gorgeous house drums and a shimmering wall of synths; before dissolving into a chorus with very addictive vocal chopping. Put this on and lose yourself in it. 

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Fall In Love - Jennifer Loveless

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

Taken from the album Around The World; ‘ Fall In Love’ is a shimmering, celestial carpet of electronics. Let this bring you into its magical world, reignite your creativity and sooth your mind and body. 

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Love To The End ( Manchester Club Mix) - Lea Lisa

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

Let this draw you into its velveteen, noir world. The wall of glimmering bell-like synthesis gives this a slightly otherworldly feel and fuses perfectly with the uneasy bassline. This is a mix for the witching hour; in which you can enter a state of hypnosis; embarking on an inner journey throughout space and time. 

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Microdosing- UNIIQU3( TAAHLIAH remix)

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

A remix of the 2021 hit ‘Microdosing’. This remix by Glasgow producer TAAHLIAH is earth-shattering electronic music at its best; featuring sawtooth synthesis, industrial bass and fantastic vocal chopping; this is fun all around.

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Wanting More - moistbreezy

Article photo - Hot Electronic - September 2022

Dark, industrial, foreboding, bass fuelled glory. Featuring the talents of moistbreezy, Frank Royal and Fairy Boy; this exists in a warehouse from another dimension entirely. 

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