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Hey there and welcome back! It’s that time of the month again when we take a look at new releases and artists to watch the next month, whether they are already superstars or just starting out.

1. The Internet

This is an R&B band with rap, funk and jazz influences, formed of 5 members. Their biggest success was the album Ego Death released in 2015, which was even nominated for the Grammy awards. Things got better and better for the band, but last year they separated to focus on individual projects. This was quite a curious decision, considering that they’ve been steadily build up momentum over the years.

But this year they got back together and released the new album called “Hive Mind”. It simplifies and shores up the Internet sound with soft-focus blues, plush arrangements, and deep-in-the-ground grooves. Even though some songs in the album have different styles, the entire thing is smooth and unsegmented, blending very well together. Each artist in the band contributes in many ways in different songs. For example Martians plays the keyboard in some songs and the drums in others). The aim is to have everything happen as naturally as possible, “like, ‘Who has a drum loop they’ve made? Pull it out, let’s put some chords over it and go from there!’” Syd told Entertainment Weekly.

You can get the “Hive Mind” album at here, and also make sure to follow the band on Facebook and Instagram.

2. Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff is a German DJ and record producer based in Hamburg. She is known for her "stripped-down techno and electro tracks," that are recorded using strictly analog equipment and draws influences from acid house, EBM and industrial music. She began in Hamburg’s underground club called Golden Pudel, and got to a feature in the popular radio show BBC Essential Mix in 2017.

Her latest album is called “Qualm” and will be released on the 3rd of August, but she already put out 2 songs from the album on her Soundcloud channel. One of them is called “Hyper Intelligent Genetically Enriched Cyborg” and as the name implies, it reminds you of a `80s sci-fi movie with robots. You could imagine this song running in the background during a scene of the first Terminator movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Check out the full album “Qualm” here and also make sure to follow Helena Hauff on Soundcloud and Spotify.

3. The Carters

Hearing this band name you might think that they are a new, upcoming band. But this is far from the truth, since The Carters is actually the name of the new superband formed of none others than the famous, iconic Pop / R&B / Hip Hop stars Beyonce and Jay-Z. After releasing a few collaborations and performing together a few times in the past, they’ve decided to create this new band and release their first album “Everything Is Love”.

The album was announced at the final London performance from the “On The Run II” Tour with Beyonce and Jay-Z and was released on June 16 2018, with no prior promotion. It was initially available on Tidal and now you can find it in all major stores.

The album is a testament to how a complicated love survived through self-reflection, compromise, and honesty and received amazing reviews from music critics. It quickly got to number 2 in the US Billboard 200 with 123,000 album equivalent units, of which 70,000 were pure album sales. The album includes 9 tracks and also a Tidal exclusive promotional single, varying from Hip Hop to R&B to Trap. All tracks are also collaborations with other artists and producers, including Pharrell Williams. The album contains lyrics about the couple's romantic love, lavish lifestyle, media worship, wealth, black pride, fame and infidelity. We’ll let you discover this amazing album and if you haven’t already, go and follow Beyonce and Jay-Z on their social media profiles.

4. Daniel Aged

Member of the Inc. No World band, Daniel Aged releases his first solo album, a collection of ambient-funk instrumentals. The band is formed out of brothers Daniel and Andrew Aged and over the years they have changed the name of the band multiple times. Their style is a chill, soft and mood-heavy R&B but more likely an underground sound than a commercial smash. Daniel Aged’s solo album also falls in the latter category, and it isn’t expected to hit the Billboard charts anytime soon. The sound is easy without being facile, chill without being soporific. It may take you some time to realize what you are listening to, since the sound doesn’t have any comparisons, thus placing it in a niche of its own.

So go and check out the album of Daniel Aged on Bandcam, follow him on Instagram and also follow the Facebook Fan Page of the band Inc. No World.

5. Ross from Friends

With an unique and original stage name, Felix Weatherall is a leading figure in the emergent lo-fi house scene. His first big track was “Talk to me you’ll understand” released in 2015 and which gained 4 million plays on Youtube. His debut album called “Family Portrait” tries to be more than just lo-fi house, but his main influence is still pretty clear. As Felix himself mentions in interviews, he has a big love for the old-school 90’s sound, which is very present in his productions.

The album wants to be a look back on electronic’s music history and it’s a combination of various elements and styles, that the fans of lo-fi and underground electronic music will definitely appreciate. Go and check his album and also follow Ross from Friends on Facebook and Instagram.

So these are my 5 top artists to follow in August. Check out their stuff and let us know what you think in the comments area below. And make sure to come back here next month, for the next set of artists to follow and their freshly released tracks and albums. See ya!

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