Interview With Alternative/Garage Pop Duo Las Nubes

We speak to Miami-based duo Las Nubes about the creative process behind their upcoming album, the gear that shapes their sound, their experiences in the Miami music scene, and more.

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - Interview With Alternative/Garage Pop Duo Las Nubes

In the vibrant landscape of Miami's music scene, Las Nubes stand out as a dynamic force, blending elements of garage pop, shoegaze, dream pop, and punk into a sonic mosaic that is uniquely their own.

Led by Ale Campos and Emile Milgrim, the band's dynamic sound and multilingual lyricism reflect the diverse influences of their surroundings, embodying the spirit of Miami's ever-changing atmosphere.

With accolades from industry legends like Iggy Pop and praise from renowned publications, Las Nubes return with their sophomore LP, 'Tormentas Malsanas' on June 14th, showcasing their growth as musicians and storytellers.

In this interview, we delve into the creative process behind their upcoming album, their experiences in the Miami music scene, the vibrant energy that drives their music, and much more.

Chris, Musicngear: Your sound is described as a blend of garage pop, shoegaze, dream pop, and punk. How do you approach incorporating these diverse influences into your music, and what do you feel each genre adds to your sound?

We listen to a lot of music in these styles and always have. Seems it’s just embedded into the way we write and arrange songs.

Your upcoming album, 'Tormentas Malsanas,' explores themes ranging from the struggles of female musicianship to the challenges of navigating life's uncertainties. How did these themes influence the songwriting and overall direction of the album?

Article photo - Interview With Alternative/Garage Pop Duo Las Nubes The album was written and recorded over a period of 5 years. A lot of things happened over those years in terms of relationships, band dynamics, jobs, social justice movements, politics, etc… Elements of all of those things worked their way into the songwriting and recording process.

Some songs ended up changing and evolving within that timeframe, a couple of them even right up to the moment we recorded them.

The Miami music scene seems to have influenced your work significantly. How has the city's vibrant atmosphere and diverse culture shaped the sound and identity of Las Nubes?

Heat and humidity are heavy, literally and figuratively. They affect us physically, sonically, and logistically. Miami has always been a very weird place for music of many styles.

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, some of the strangest yet most compelling sounds have come out of South Florida. We love noise (however you define that) down here.

Iggy Pop himself praised your work, penning a quote for your album cover. How did it feel to receive such recognition from a legendary figure in the music industry, and how has his influence impacted your music?

Article photo - Interview With Alternative/Garage Pop Duo Las Nubes People have been claiming for years now that “guitar” music is dead, but then you have someone like Iggy uplifting tons of alternative, punk, rock, etc. bands like ours. It’s remarkable that Iggy has been so consistently influential not only as a musician and performer for decades but also as an appreciator and curator of compelling music.

Sometimes we still can’t believe we’ve had the opportunity to be Iggy’s friends and colleagues. We grew up listening to his music and it’s just unreal to be on his radar.

As a bilingual band, how do you navigate the intricacies of language within your music? Do you find that certain themes or emotions are better expressed in Spanish or English, and how do you approach the blending of both languages in your songwriting?

Some things just sound better to us in one language over the other. That can be in terms of the actual linguistic meaning or how the pronunciation of something lends itself to a melody or an arrangement.

Could you share some insights into the gear you use to achieve your signature sound? How do your instrument choices and equipment contribute to the sonic palette of Las Nubes?

Article photo - Interview With Alternative/Garage Pop Duo Las Nubes Ale: I feel like I’m still searching for that “perfect tone”. My pedalboard is constantly evolving and I change guitars every two years. Currently, I’ve settled for a Music Man 212 HD 130 combo amp and a custom Koontz guitar with an aluminum Hoxey neck.

For pedals, I’m using a Fuzz Factory clone made by White Comet Electric, a Tetra Fet Drive by Nuñez amplification, an Arquitecto reverb by Paradox Effects, a Flanger by Moog, a Carbon Copy by MXR, and an Avalanche Run by EarthQuaker Devices.


Article photo - Interview With Alternative/Garage Pop Duo Las Nubes Emile: I have been using most of the same drum parts and accessories for years and really rely on the interplay between cymbals (all random Zildjian and Sabian) to add the higher-end and minor tonal dynamics in songs. My mystery 80s Sabian 20” ride cymbal specifically IS my “ride-or-die” - melt my ashes in with it when I’m dead and make a ghost cymbal!

My snare is an 80s Ludwig Acrolite which I’ve heard some folks call a “trash can,” and others “the best sounding snare ever created.” I’ve made a lot of stick changes over the years but ended up back on square one where I started with Pro Mark Hickory 5AN. I’ve broken lots of sticks but never one of those.

I’ve never used my own kit on any recordings and rarely use it live, because, ya know, drum backlines and what-not. It’s a Gretsch Drums Catalina Club and it fits in my tiny room to practice and write, so that works.

Collaborating with Sweat Records Records and engineer/producer Jonathan Nunez for your sophomore LP, 'Tormentas Malsanas,' must have been an enriching experience. How did these partnerships contribute to the creative process and overall vision for the album?

Sweat helped release our first LP so it made sense to have them release the second one. We worked with Jon on an EP in 2019 and a live session in 2020. He is an incredible engineer and has a good ear, not to mention a baffling arsenal of gear (his studio is literally called Sound Artillery), so he was the obvious choice for making this record.

We’ve also been fans of his music for a long time.

Las Nubes has shared the stage with an impressive array of artists, including Shannon and the Clams, Jens Lekman, The Coathangers, and many more. How have these experiences influenced your live performances and the evolution of your sound over time?

We always take it seriously whenever we get the opportunity to perform with bigger bands/artists. We really feed off of the energy and intensity of a massive crowd.

Getting to play at venues with proper sound and lighting setups enables us to really hone in on performing the songs in a live setting. It really helps to be able to hear ourselves and each other.

Article photo - Interview With Alternative/Garage Pop Duo Las Nubes

Could you share some behind-the-scenes anecdotes from your time touring and recording across the U.S. and Mexico? How have these experiences shaped your perspective as musicians and individuals?

We’ve all seen each other in very vulnerable circumstances and for some reason we keep coming back for more. Patience is key as well as getting enough rest and drinking enough water. There are a ton of anecdotes for sure, but maybe in this instance it’s easiest to link to a tour diary from the first time we went to Mexico in 2020:

Also, shouts to all the people who’ve agreed to go on these wacky adventures with us over the years: Nina, Steph, Gabriel, Cuci, Alu, and Nacho.

Las Nubes has been hailed as Miami New Times' Best Band of 2019, recognized for your hard work and infectious hooks. How do you strive to maintain authenticity and originality in a music industry that often prioritizes commercial success?

We try not to take ourselves too seriously and not have super high expectations.

Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of Las Nubes? Are there any particular milestones or goals you hope to achieve in the coming years, both musically and personally?

We want to tour the world either headlining or on an amazing touring package. We want to continue working with people that believe in what we’re doing.

As Las Nubes gear up for the release of their LP 'Tormentas Malsanas' on June 14th, don't miss their next single, "Pesada," dropping on May 17th.

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