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Lashana Dendy is a session singer from Los Angeles. She has worked with Snoop Dog, Coolio, and Anastacia. Lashana is currently recording and producing her own music.

Magesh, Musicngear: You sang on Snoop Dogg's hit song 'What's My Name?' How did that opportunity come about?

So I met Dr Dre when I was singing in a group called Times 3. Our group sang background vocals on Michele's first project. So my friend asked me to come hang out at the studio and when I went up there Dr Dre asked me to sing on a track for Snoop.

Initially, I was going to sing on a remake of Yarbrough and Peoples' classic 'Don't Stop The Music'. But then it changed and I sang the adlibs as well as the hook on 'What's My Name'. I was told that if my adlibs were going to be used I would get my credit but that didn't happen. It's been over 30 years and I'm slowly getting my credit for my vocals.

I know you teach music as well as record and tour. Can you talk about your project the ABC Shuffle?

So I decided to write and produce the ABC Shuffle during the pandemic. Living in California our state was on shutdown off and on for a long time. After the George Floyd murder, the country was in a civil uproar. Civil Rights marches and rioting were everywhere.

I wanted to bring joy to my son and other children, so wrote the song, produced it, and created the video all by myself. It took me about a year to put it out but I am very proud of its success.

Please support and subscribe to my YouTube and download the song available on all streaming platforms. I really need your support.

You had toured the world several times with pop singer Anastacia who had a number 1 song in Europe. What is the rehearsal process like for a tour on this scale?

Well, we used to rehearse vocals then we had long dance/choreography rehearsals. We used to fly to London and practice more. Once the show was perfected, we rarely practiced LOL. She was so fun and a great person to work for and we are still friends today.

Sometimes we text along with a few of the other singers and catch up on life.

 Learn all you can about music publishing and royalties if you are a songwriter. Don't just take someone's word but learn the business for yourself. 

You must have a great sense of pitch to sing background vocals! How can singers improve their sense of harmony?

Well, of course, get a vocal coach to help sharpen your ear. If you cannot afford a vocal coach, I recommend finding an artist or song you love and singing the background parts. The more you practice the better you will get. This isn't easy but if you play an instrument you can play notes and then mimic the notes.

What projects are you currently working on?

Currently, I am writing more Children's music to hopefully release next year. I sometimes get calls for local gigs too.

What should young people know about the music business before they decide they want to become a professional musician?

Make sure you understand how to get paid. Learn all you can about music publishing and royalties if you are a songwriter. Don't just take someone's word but learn the business for yourself. Network and build relationships with other singers and musicians too.

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