Just Chilling- Vol 10

This month’s edition of Just Chilling features; a surreal, electronic tapestry that shimmers with the synthesis of life; a warm bed of azure underwater pads that will lull you into the chillest state you have ever been in; a hip-hop beat that sounds like it was discovered in a wood paneled vintage parlor; on a record player behind the ferns;  an instrumental that sounds like it is from a glittering 70s/80s glam noir movie, in which an unsolved mystery plagues the city, and more. 

Featuring Artur M Puga, lenne, Awwful, Ghozt, Watermark High, Chairman Maf,30/70, NeverMann, Beckett, Joelistics, Komang, Gamelan DanAnda,Ty Pluto, Capo Corleone and Kuba Wiecek.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

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Isa - Artur M Puga

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

I was scrolling through Bandcamp, when the artwork for an upcoming album called ‘weirdbloom’ caught my attention. Isa is the first song to be released from this album ( out March 17th); and the results are as fascinating and intricate as the artwork. We open with a warm bed of hypnotic electronics; over which glitchy sound fx and samples are sprinkled; creating a surreal, electronic tapestry that shimmers with the synthesis of life.

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butterfly - lenne, Awwful, Ghozt

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

Taken from the album ‘Love Makes You Ugly’; this opens with an oceanic sweep of lush pads; seasoned with some aquatic sound effects, before gentle hyper- pop treated vocals burst through like the sun in an azure underwater paradise. This shimmers and gleams; and transports you to another world entirely. This features some really cool early 2000s style percussion; this mixed with the gorgeous synth work results in something thoroughly magical.

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Traveller - Watermark High

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

Taken from the EP Feel The Flow; this is thoroughly gentle and chilled (as the artwork suggests). Featuring rich, analog treated drums, gentle vocal samples, a sweep of old hollywood style strings, mixed with a cornucopia of other textures; this feels very much like you discovered it amongst the parlor palms in a wood-paneled room.

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Bitter Lemon - Chairman Maf

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

Taken from the album Butternut; Bitter Lemon is simply delicious. It opens with sampled dialogue from what I believe is the 1970s TV-Show Kung Fu; set against a bed of magical old hollywood style strings. A rich drum section comes in, and you are swept up into the breezy, and slightly mysterious world of this instrumental, which holds a deeper wisdom in the textures of the song. 

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Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

Taken from the newest album from Melbourne-born collective 30/70 Art Make Love; ACCEPTANCE is gorgeous, featuring gentle neo-soul, R&b and Jazz textures and instrumentation. The vocals in this are divine; and will sooth you, no matter what kind of fried state you are in. This song is indigo, it is mysterious and thoroughly fresh. This is for reflecting at nighttime; when you allow yourself to tune everything out, and just allow yourself to exist.

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Saudara - Joelistics, Komang, Gamelan DanAnda

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

The opening of this is beautifully psychedelic; with entrancing vocals talking over a rich soundscape; a bed of uneasy, thunderous sound effects rising under the surface; hinting at what is to come. The second half is rich, luscious and warm; with a hypnotic beat that hits you and doesn’t let go; this glistens with life and imagination.

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Midnight Kiss - NeverMann, Beckett

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

The graphic novel-like artwork was what drew me to this (the artwork is being by Jordan Noir); the music drawing you into the neon-world visualized in this artwork. Midnight Kiss is taken from the instrumental album of True Mann, and it is thoroughly glamorous. Opening with a shimmer of electric piano; before diving into the smoothest beat you have ever heard; this feels like it is from a glittering 70s/80s glam noir movie that you want to live in; and get to the bottom of the mystery at the heart of it. This is one for night time.

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Luv - Ty Pluto

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

Taken from the album Public Broadcast; this reminds me a little of the magic of Joey Dosik; in that it has a joyful quality saturated to its core in a way that seems effortless; accompanied by the perfect groove. The vocals melt over your ears; this will inject some raw euphoria into your day.

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Breeze - Capo Corleone, Kuba Więcek

Article photo - Just Chilling- Vol 10

Taken from the EP ‘Thank Myself’, which is a combination of tracks that touch on everything that makes us human, and a collaboration with Polish jazz musician and producer Kuba Więcek. Breeze features rich vocals, an incredible flow, against a backdrop mix of glimmering and unusual textures melting over hip hop beats.

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