Just Chilling - Vol 9

This month's edition of Just Chilling is a blend of sunshine soaked beats that will get you through the rest of the month, featuring; an orange tinted cloudy analog beat with spacey sound fx; soaring old school hip-hop with warm strings; a glittering beat with a luxurious early 2000s rnb hook; a deeply mysterious hip-hop beat that sounds like bones rattling; a dreamy song that sounds like you listened to it on cassette tape in the car in the 90s, and more.

Featuring wallyPDF, The Bump Show, Frankjr, cinko_, NuriYAH One, Yasad One, Nought, Work Wife, jarjarjr, Five to Two

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

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Myself - wallyPDF (feat Channel Tres)

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

A blast of warmth and hope; something very much needed this time of year. Spacey sound effects create an orange tinted cloud texture; over which the analog flavored drums and vocal samples flow; all enriched by Channel Tres’ sublime vocals. This is chill, seductive, and quite frankly, delicious.

On the track WallyPDF explains, “Myself (with Channel Tres) was recorded by Channel Tres and ombgkirby. By buying the songs on the blockchain, you completely own the song. Unlike other music NFTs, it includes both rights to the song recording as well as the publishing. Each track is unique. It consists of its own combination of intro, outro, transition, chorus, BPM and key. Therefore, collectors can upload their new Channel Tres songs to DSPs and also use them for their own content.”

Omgkirby shares, “Our drop with Channel Tres is our most groundbreaking yet. We’re further pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in generative music. The songs are created from a blend of human and machine that mixes keys, tempos, and arrangements while being full-length tracks featuring the vocals and sounds of the incredible Channel Tres.” 

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haduuu - The Bump Show

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

I came across this while scrolling through Bandcamp; ‘haduu’ is a blast of old school hip-hop glory; with its soaring strings, sizzling textures, and all around gorgeous sampling This is glitchy and delightful, with a nice DIY feel that reminds me of the early days of listening to beats online, and the joy of discovering a sun-soaked instrumental beat. This is taken from album ‘URL friends’, which you can listen to here.

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1moretalk - Frankjr

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

If you are a fan of ultra luxurious Rnb hooks, with a mid - late 2000s feel; this new track from producer Frankjr will be one of your new obsessions.

‘1moretalk’ features the aforementioned vocal hook; blended against a gorgeous backdrop, where glittering keys tinkle over a warm backdrop ( with intermittent string sections); invoking a feeling of familiarity, like this is from a favorite movie or a memory from youth. Taken from the album ‘Stages’ which you can listen to in full here

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Iamcinko_ - cinko_

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

‘cinkco’ sounds like it takes place in a gothic New York, after dark; where mysterious goings on are afoot under the night sky (I can imagine this playing over an eerie 90s animation) It features really cool usage of ambient sounds (the main one running throughout sounding like bones clinking); the primary melodies having a textural feel, rather unsettling vocals coming towards the end. This is unquestionably unique and will transport you to another world. 

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Seems Like Autumn - NuriYAH, Yasad One

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

This sounds as wonderful as the artwork suggests; a blast of radiance, with old school influences. The sunshine soaked beat weaves together with the truly flawless flow from both artists. This sounds like a classic; and possesses the quality of a work of art that got you into music in the first place.

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bengal nights - Nougat, NEON

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

SO chill, with a gorgeously melancholic feel, something about the instrumentation at the start reminds me of the spacey, hypnotic quality of the 1999 classic ‘Butterfly’.The blue featured in the artwork is somehow captured in the music, which adds to the reflective vibe, this is one to relax to, and to allow yourself to think. 

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Work Wife - Apathy 

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

A beautiful mix of dreampop, shoegaze, and something from the past; this has the quality of a song you grew up playing through a cassette tape in the car looking out at the snow soaked pine trees. This features truly divine double tracked vocals, which give this song a really nice 90s feel. 

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Song 50,000 - jarjarjr, Five to Two

Article photo - Just Chilling - Vol 9

This collaboration between Cork artist jarjarjr and trio Five to Two is divine, featuring jarjarjr’s incredibly skilled flow, which fuses perfectly with the lush instrumentation, this will simultaneously make you feel chilled, yet very much alive - this is truly, a work of art. 

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