MNG Office Concerts

Intimate, stripped-down performances behind the two front desks of the MUSICnGEAR Office

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - MNG Office Concerts

The concept of Office Concerts is quite simple: music acts come to play a brief show behind the two front desks of the MUSICnGEAR Office. The rules are simple too: no elaborate reverbs or effects, big amplifiers, typical stage equipment or PA systems, the performance must easily fit behind these two desks.

We are going for humble, intimate and personal performances stripped of the overproduction and superficial qualities of modern studio music.

We are going for performances that reduce the essence of the artist to its bare minimum, just enough to make a small audience 2 meters across the desks resonate with the raw power of the art form. We are going for authenticity, for the imperfections and akward moments of silence that remind us music is not just a digital stream but it is as human as the people that make it, people with personalities and flaws that sometimes mess up their notes, lines, hair.

Exactly that, is the essence of MNG Office Concerts.



About Chris Roditis

Chris Roditis has been an active musician since 1995 in various bands and projects across a variety of genres ranging from acoustic, electronic to nu metal, british rock and trip hop. He has extensive experience as a mixing engineer and producer and has built recording studios for most of the projects he has been involved with. His passion for music steered his entrepreneurial skills into founding MusicNGear in 2012.

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About Office Concerts

Office Concerts is a series of intimate, stripped-down performances in front of or around the two front desks of our office.

Interested in joining the line-up? Reach us through the contact form.