Playlist Supply Review: Maximizing Your Spotify Potential

Playlists can be one very good way of reaching large groups of people organically and directly from all over the world; Playlist Supply can help you with this.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Does it seem like it is almost impossible to reach new listeners on Spotify, or to break through in any capacity on online streaming platforms, due to the sheer volume of music out there?

Playlists can be one very good way of reaching large groups of people organically and directly from all over the world; Playlist Supply can help you with this; as it is a data research tool that compiles information on Spotify playlists based on keywords that you specify (more in-depth information about this below).

We put this tool to the test, and, in addition, try out a new feature called PlaylistVet, which verifies the authenticity of a playlist.

PlaylistSupply: What it is and when to use it

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Manually trawling through playlists on Spotify can very quickly become a tedious and unrewarding task; Playlist Supply is a tool that goes through all Spotify playlists in order to find contact information (or other specific criteria you are searching for) in a matter of seconds. In addition to this, it also has a feature called PlaylistVet, which allows you to check how genuine a playlist is (e.g. it is not a bot-fueled playlist). 

Reaching new listeners online, and specifically Spotify can be very, very difficult; and playlists that are curated by someone who genuinely loves the style of music you create, who has listeners that feel the same way; is a great way to reach new people and potential fans, who would have most likely not have come across your music otherwise. 

Obviously, there is a whole world outside of playlists, doing shows, collaborating with others, etc; but the sheer scale of people you can reach via a good playlist, makes them an invaluable way to reach new listeners from all over the planet.


Playlist Supply is a subscription model; you can pay per month, or per year, the different pricing options offered are below:

Article photo - Playlist Supply Review: Maximizing Your Spotify Potential

In use

Figure 1.1

Figure 1.2

Figure 1.1 shows the user interface of the tool;  in the Keyword search bar; you input what kind of playlists you are specifically looking for; (e.g I searched by genre, some keyword examples of these being lofi house, electronic, also some other terms like space vibes, and so on). Figure 1.2 allows you to see how to filter which specific information you are looking for ( in my searches, I primarily went with email).

I have an upcoming release; so I was looking for playlists that would fit the vibe of the new song I have coming out. I input the search criteria and selected ‘email’ as the main form of contact information I was looking for. After hitting the search icon; it started compiling information very quickly; this information being separated into columns, several pages worth, alongside contact information.  (Also another note, I redacted the specific playlist names and email addresses, just in case).

Figure 1.3

You can sort these to have the playlists with the highest activity at the top, as you are more likely to reach new listeners, and potential fans, on a playlist that is regularly updated; as opposed to one that has not been updated in a few years, and I began to have a look through them. The playlists themselves are also linked, so you can just click on them and have a look for yourself. 

You do have to allocate some time for this; just to have a listen and get the overall vibe, however, having all of that information at your fingertips, and so quickly is a huge, and deeply valuable timesaver. You can export all of these results to a section called My Playlist Database; or you can export this data to a PDF or Excel sheet. I found some very high quality curated playlists of underground music; ones that I would have not been aware of otherwise had I not used this tool. If I had attempted to do all of this manually,  it would have taken so, SO, so long. 

I also used the ‘similar artist and email’ search criteria in order to find artists who sounded similar to me; and some playlists that they were on, which is a very cool feature. One thing to note on this;  the more niche your genre; the trickier it may be when searching by similar artist, so other keywords might find what you are looking for; for example, some artists that I searched for did not show any results, but if I tried the genre or descriptor, I found playlists that those artists were on also. 


There were a few playlists that I was interested in; however, I wanted a bit more information on them to make sure they were legitimate; so I added them to My Playlist Database (you do this by selecting the blue plus icon at the beginning of the column next to the playlist, see Figure 1.3) scrolling up and hitting Save To My Playlist Database.

You can also do this in the main interface by pressing Schedule PlaylistVet, which sends a report to your email; for some reason, this didn’t work for me; but this was most likely as a result of the firewall of my email, the other way worked just as well.

Figure 1.4

I then went to the My Playlist Database section; and selected the Health Check option (this costs 1 credit) and ran it (see figure 1.4, I have redacted the specific playlist names and the contact information). After it runs this check, it will then present you with a Health Score; which is how genuine the playlist is.

PlaylistVet accomplishes a task that is extremely difficult and time-consuming to manually do on your own. It cross checks a playlist you select with the Discovered On section of the artists within, and gives you the percentage of artists that have the playlist in their Discovered On section.

On the website it says that it  “leverages a state-of-the-art AI model for playlist validation by cross-referencing a playlist with the Discovered-On section of its Artists”



I had previously thought that with regards to online streaming and Spotify specifically, Spotify editorial playlists were the be-all and end-all of reaching new listeners online; however, I have since learned there is a huge, rich undergrowth of wonderful user-curated playlists, ones made by other musicians and artists, people who will adore the style of music that you make, that have huge amounts of organic traffic. 

I also tried using some of the keywords that I had input in order to locate playlists via PlaylistSupply into Spotify itself; but the sheer volume of results that I would have to sift through resulted in complete paralysis, a truly tedious and almost insurmountable, appearing task. 

I honestly highly recommend this tool, as it saves you so much time, provides you with very valuable, high-quality information very quickly from just a few keywords, and it is very easy to use. Even if during your search, there is not any contact information listed; you can click on the playlist and even Google the curator, there may be more information about how to contact them that way.

From using Playlist Supply, I found a few very high quality playlists that I could not only submit to; but save to my library as I had discovered a whole new group of artists that I had not previously heard of before. 

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