Songs for Smoky Autumn Evenings and Indigo Night Skies: A Playlist

This playlist is made for walks in the smoky autumn air, long drives through falling leaves, and relaxing under an indigo night sky...

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Songs for Smoky Autumn Evenings and Indigo Night Skies: A Playlist

This is the season where colors become more vibrant, and the hints of magic and mystery in the air bring with them a deep sense of nostalgia. This playlist is made for walks in the smoky autumn air, long drives through falling leaves, and relaxing under an indigo night sky ( full playlist linked at the end of article)

1. Rosie Lowe - "Paris, Texas"

Dreamy, divine, and contemplative - Paris, Texas sounds like it is from another time (and would not be out of place in a pastel-toned movie from the 70s) Taken from the British singer, composer, and songwriter’s newly released EP Now, You Know, the muted retro quality of the music and the soulfulness of the vocals bring forth autumnal imagery (and driving around in a 70s Chevrolet).

2. Kwamie Liv - "Take It Back ( I Want More)"

There is something about Kwamie Liv’s music that possesses the sense of mystery and promise of a dark and smokey night. Opening with a deep, slightly 90s style bassline, paired with hypnotic vocals; you are immediately drawn into another world; which is exactly what you need for your nightly walks under the moon.

3. Tom Misch - "Smells Like Teen Spirit ( Cover)"

There is something about this time of year that brings forth memories of the rock of the 90s and early 2000s, and this cover of the classic Nirvana song is exactly in line with this. Maintaining the grunge quality of the original; Misc’s cover adds a slight soulful flavour. Perfect for brisk, autumnal walks. 

4. Carpark - "Warm Beers"

The newest release from the UK-based band could have been featured in all American TV-Show from the early 2000s ( one set in a town surrounded by pine trees and mountains); bringing with it a rush of nostalgia and familiarity. Featuring a wall of guitars and songwriting that brings Avril Lavigne to mind; this is a song for seasons changing and time passing

5. Spectacular Diagnostics - "Raw Transmissions"

Spectacular Diagnostics has a special ability to generate rich visual worlds with his music; specifically pastel retro images. His latest release Raw Transmissions does exactly this, fusing otherworldly synthesis over an old-school hip-hop beat; this is one for cold walks in the mountains and forests.

6. Japanese Breakfast - "Glider"

Taken from the soundtrack of Sable ( which was composed by the Korean-American musician and is fantastic). Glider is dreamy and slightly otherworldly; which makes it perfect for the magical feeling of this time of year.

7. ELLIP - "Square One"

If you need to soothe your mind and nourish your soul; the newest release from Tallinn-based artist ELLIP is for you. Its divinely soulful chords fused with organic percussion (reminiscent of the special magic present in some early 2000s alternative music) combined with her rich, yet gentle vocals will bathe you in warmth - which is what we all need the most this time of year.

8. Santana feat Steve Winwood - "Whiter Shade of Pale"

Taken from the Multi-Grammy winning guitarist’s upcoming album, Blessings and Miracles (out  October 15), Whiter Shade of Pale is a collaboration with vocalist, guitarist, keyboardist, Grammy winner, and BMI Icon Steve Winwood on the classic “Whiter Shade of Pale.” The percussion, instrumentation, and vocals all come together to form a nourishing hymn that is perfect for exploring forests and new terrains under an autumnal sky. 

9. Lauren Housley - "Two Lovers Lost in Space"

Haunting and psychedelic - Two Lovers Lost In Space is an interlude in the UK artist’s album Girl From The North. The dreamy, rich vocals mixed with a retro cushion of guitars and percussion; this is your companion for taking in the beauty of the galaxies. 

10. Metronomy x Biig Piig - "405"

405 sees the English electronic band team up with Irish singer/rapper Biig Piig, and the results are gorgeous. 405 possesses the character of a song from another time; and sounds like a song plucked directly from a movie soundtrack. The drums, bass, and glittering synthesis all melt together with Biig Piig’s confessional vocals, to form something hypnotic, classic, and saturated with color.

11. Baby Queen, MAY-A - "American Dream"

Taken from Baby Queen’s mixtape The Yearbook; this song sounds like something that would be in the soundtrack of your favourite 90s movie, and fully captures the sound the title brings forth.

12. Nasty Cherry - "What’s The Deal"

Taken from the US-based bands 2021 EP ‘The Movie’, this will get you ready to face the cold immediately, with its sickly smooth drums, tight guitars, and divine vocals. Wear your best autumn outfit, and get out there.

13. Nimf - "The Faery Sea"

The newest release from Arklow-based artist Nimf will sweep you into a magical underwater kingdom; no matter where you are. The sound design in this is so good you will feel like you are in the ocean; allowing you to soothe your mind. We also interviewed Nimf last year, you can read this here.

14. Mick Flannery and Susan O’Neill - "Miss me When I’m Gone"

Taken from their new album ‘In The Game’ the opening piano section of Miss Me When I’m Gone sounds like it is from the opening scene of a Tim Burton movie; making it perfect for October walks.

15. Loah  - "Easter ( Katharine Tynan)"

Taken from Loah’s new EP When I Rise Up; this song has a fascinating backstory to it.

After the pandemic hit, the artist sought out poetry from the 1920s, in order to see what they were thinking at the time; and to see if there was any correlation between what they were thinking then, and what we are thinking now,( as they had just come out of the influenza pandemic, and WWI); and put music to these works. 

Easter is by Irish poet Katharine Tynan; and opens with a tapestry of lamenting, rich vocals, reminiscent of arrangements in traditional Irish music. Easter is one to listen to when harvest and winter are in the air, when folklore feels most alive. 

16. Wyvern Lingo - "Aurora"

Taken from the band’s 2021 album Awake You Lie. Aurora is mysterious, glittering, and of the indigo night sky.

17. Rita Ray - "No Greater Love"

No Greater Love possesses the dyed-in-the-wool character of a soul classic; featuring 70’s style soaring strings and luxuriously rich vocals - this will bring forth the joy that all the soul classics have. This is for listening to with your morning coffee.

18. Soccer Mommy - "rom com 2004"

This sounds like it was plucked directly from a memory, transporting you back to a time where you watched movies on a plastic pink TV, eating mini pizzas under the warm glow of a lava lamp. 

19. Duett - "Gallery"

Stroll, at ease, under fluorescent lights or out in nature; Gallery sounds like it is taken from a mall and/or a movie of the past; resulting in something entirely new.

20. Planet 1999 - "Spell"

Taken from Planet 1999’s new album Devotion; the lush vocals and old school beat are perfect for daydreaming as the leaves turn to orange. 

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