Songs We Liked - June 4,2021

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Featuring Jonathan Foster, Soda Blonde, Pastel Stereo, Joy Denalane and Free Range

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - Songs We Liked - June 4,2021

Jonathan Foster - "Stardust Saltwater"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - June 4,2021

California based singer-songwriter, Jonathan Foster just released his 5th full-length independent studio album with the title Lantern Shade​, and he's about to captivate audiences with his musically authentic songs. Let Stardust Saltwater soothe your soul with its beautiful modern folk sounds, fill you with nostalgia and make you want to close your eyes and drift away.

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Soda Blonde - "Holy Roses"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - June 4,2021

Holy Roses is the third single taken from the alt-pop band's upcoming debut album Small Talk due to be released on July 9th and available for pre-order hereWith a hybrid of old and new, Soda Blonde managed to create a nostalgic yet modern pop classic song for their listeners and is guaranteed to bring back memories from long ago.

Faye O’Rourke -Soda Blonde’s frontwoman- says on the song: "So many of us use rejection as fuel to justify stagnancy or living in the past. Holy Roses provides me with some closure and I feel it’s one of the most important tracks on the album. I am directly addressing the people in my past who have hurt me in this song. The Rose is symbolic of war and the fleetingness of life and death. It also represents the fall of Christianity, which I compare not only to our country’s dying Catholic status but to the oppression I felt throughout my own personal and worklife. Holy Roses is the moment of reckoning for me, in all respects. I’m letting go of the people who have hurt me and my oldway of living".

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Pastel Stereo - "The Joker"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - June 4,2021 Photo Credits:  Elijah Noll

If you're a fan of powerful, compelling music that can speak to your soul, then you have to check out The Joker, the new single off the rising Finnish alt-pop band, Pastel Stereo.

Elaborating on the song, the band says: It's about insecurities and not knowing how to convey your feelings for someone into words. Everyone knows how awkward and in retrospect ridiculous adolescent love and relationships can be. This song gives off serious teen movie vibes. The person in the song is trying to make his love interest fall for him and trying to make her laugh by acting like a fool.

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Joy Denalane - "The Show"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - June 4,2021

The Show is the first new track to be taken from Germany's undisputed Queen of Soul, Joy Denalane's forthcoming album Let Yourself Be Loved – Deluxe Edition set to be released on September 3rd. The Show is a testament to Joy's creativity and vocal prowess. Her lush, emotive voice, rolling production, and adroit songwriting skills put her in the top echelon of today’s most respected artists.

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Free Range - "Two Dimensional"

Article photo - Songs We Liked - June 4,2021

You're just in time for the release of Chicago's indie-folk project Free Range new single Two Dimensional, backed with a cover of Elliott Smith's - Ides Heaven. Two Dimensional is a musical masterpiece that is guaranteed to get stuck in your head.

On the song, Free Range's Sofia Jensen says: I started writing 'Two Dimensional' after listening to Elliott Smith’s first record for the first time and feeling inspired by the way those songs sounded. All I had at that point was the melody, and I sat on it for a few weeks before revisiting it, and the lyrics came to me quickly. This song feels so close to those early Elliott records for me, and I thought it would be really fitting to include a cover of an Elliott song in this release, both because the sound to me is so similar, and as an homage of sorts to him and how his songs have changed the way I write.

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