SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

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Featuring Candy Coffins, The Flowers Of Hell, Nevaris, YourCuzMarcus, Rowan Flack, Kae Sera, Still Blue, Paul McCann, Ben Reel,  and Jacob Morris

By Chris RoditisMusicngear Lead Editor

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

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Candy Coffins - Another Kiss

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Postpunk outfit Candy Coffins' Another Kiss from their upcoming album Once Do It With Feeling, is an atmospheric sonic journey through life's passage, encapsulating the essence of time in a beautiful manner. Accompanied by an introspective video that captures the ephemeral nature of existence, Another Kiss is a hypnotic blend of otherworldly vocals, emotive lyrics and guitar lines that are nothing short of magical, beckoning you to surrender, close your eyes and dive into your own life's timeline. Simply magnificent.  

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The Flowers Of Hell - Keshakhtaran

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Immerse yourself in the lush sonic landscapes of Keshakhtaran - a musical odyssey that unfolds across two transcendent 20-minute parts, seamlessly weaving the talents of 20 extraordinary artists into its tapestry. This soul-stirring instrumental journey embraces a diverse array of instruments, from the soulful saxophone and mellifluous flugelhorn to the enchanting chimes, celestial harp, and evocative sitar. With the addition of tremolos, flutters, resonant horns, stirring woodwinds, delicate strings, and intricate percussion, a symphony of sound unfolds before your ears. As the opera soprano's vocals gracefully intertwine with the riveting musical arrangements, Keshakhtaran becomes a transformative meditation, urging you to get lost in a realm where time and space dissolve, and the power of music transcends the ordinary.

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Nevaris - Interference

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Get transported to the bustling streets of New York with Interference, the second single from Nevaris' highly anticipated album, Reverberations, set for release on May 26th. This collaborative masterpiece features the acclaimed bassist, record producer, and record label owner Bill Laswell and a stellar lineup of artists whose deep-rooted connection to the city shines through, as they channel its very essence into this aural art. The track pulsates with the soul of the metropolis, where the bass, percussion, drums, and turntables take center stage, exuding the energy and vibrancy of the city that never sleeps.

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YourCuzMarcus - Homecoming

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Dublin-based alt-pop artist YourCuzMarcus delivers a resounding return to the music world with his latest single Homecoming - a profound ode to the vibrant city of Dublin and its inhabitants, as well as the bittersweet journey of growing up in Ireland and the challenges of forging a life there, celebrating both those who left Ireland and those who chose to stay. Written by YourCuzMarcus himself and co-produced by Alex Borwick, Homecoming takes on an enchanting dimension with the addition of violinist Suzanne Vachet, blending flawlessly with YourCuzMarcus' emotive vocals which encapsulate perfectly the essence of his beloved Dublin in all its captivating splendor.

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Rowan Flack - Tipsy On The Tongue

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

In Rowan Flack's latest single Tipsy On The Tongue, an enchanting fusion of soul and pop unfolds, wrapped in the tender embrace of Flack's jazz style. Smooth and translucent vocals, blend seamlessly with the silky piano arrangements and soothing percussion, weaving a hypnotic spell, that draws you deep into its ethereal enchantment. 

Flack confides about the song: "The music is inspired mainly by relationships. As I have gotten to this stage of my life, I am constantly discovering different flaws and blessings in myself and my personality. I tend to lean towards writing about communication and personal experience. Tipsy On The Tongue focuses on the flaws of my personality during an argument and how two people’s love languages don’t always align"

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Kae Sera - Past Tense

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Kae Sera's Past Tense smoothly melds the shimmering & sunny vibes of modern-day electro-pop with the nostalgic melodies of the 50s and 60s golden eras. Inspired by the ethereal beats of sunset chillout moments in Ibiza, Kae Sera's dreamlike vocals and poignant songwriting skillfully unfold a bittersweet tale of a love that once thrived, gradually transforming into mere words that describe a distant past. Past Tense could be the perfect intro to your summer.

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Still Blue - Lace

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Irish indie-pop band Still Blue's latest single Lace, is an alluring glimpse into their forthcoming debut EP All Over The Chip Shop slated for release on June 16th. Exuding a rock ambiance, the euphoric rhythm and Lyons's radiant voice give the song an invigorating feel, in contrast to its personal and vulnerable narrative - an unfiltered and authentic portrayal of the lengths someone may go to seek love, at the cost of their own self-worth. 

Lead singer Nicole Lyons confides about the song: "I remember when I first wrote Lace back in 2021, I wanted to keep it for myself. It felt too personal of a song to share with anyone, let alone release it! It’s an incredibly vulnerable song describing a very female experience wherein you would degrade yourself to nothing but an object, to gain any sort of intimacy from another person. Trying to feel comfortable in your sexuality whilst only being viewed as a body is so confusing as a young woman. People will do whatever it takes to feel loved, even if that means lowering their standards until they’re nonexistent." 

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Paul McCann - Tears from the Sky

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Tears from the Sky is a compelling and emotionally charged anthem by Paul McCann, recorded at Johnny Cash's iconic studio Cash Cabin in Tennessee. McCann masterfully captured the acoustic essence of the Cabin, incorporating percussion techniques reminiscent of Johnny Cash and Rick Rubin's American Recording albums. Drawing inspiration from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the lyrics capture the heart-wrenching realities of war. The track features an impressive lineup of talents, including Johnny Cash's grandson Joseph Cash, McCann's wife Blathnaid, and the music duo Monaco and Alameda.

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Ben Reel - Hardwired Blues

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023

Hardwired Blues from Ben Reel's upcoming album, Come a Long Way set to be released in June, is a mesmerizing journey into the heart of the blues that will transport you to a bygone era with its soulful essence and vintage charm. Mellifluous harmonica notes, twanging telecaster guitars, and Reel's robust vocal delivery intertwine gorgeously, to create a raw and authentic sound that evokes the passion and longing that define the blues.

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Jacob Morris - Lister

Article photo - SONGS WE LOVED! 22-28 May 2023
Artwork by Nash Hogan

Jacob Morris's Lister is a thought-provoking anti-war anthem that draws inspiration from the last name of Spanish general Enrique Lister. Serving as a preview of his upcoming EP Slow Funeral set to be released on 23 June (pre-order here), the North Carolina-based cellist, vocalist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, skillfully merges elements of psych-folk and rock as he questions the acceptance of war as a necessary aspect of humanity, inviting us to contemplate the true cost of conflict and the power of historical narratives, through his poignant lyrics and evocative musicality.

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