Spotify: Generate maximum traffic for your release, without blogs

As an independent artist, it sometimes can seem that the only means of getting streams on your Spotify release is via music blogs; and if they don’t share your track that all is lost...

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

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Although blogs are an incredibly valuable resource, there is so much that you can do yourself in order to generate streams. Here are a few tried and tested tips to help you generate as much traffic as possible for your new music.

Set an advance release date + submit to Spotify playlists

Most independent artists use distributors such as Distrokid in order to upload their music easily to Spotify. Doing so allows you to set a release date in advance, which in turn allows you to submit your music to be considered for Spotify’s editorial playlists, exposing you to thousands upon thousands of new listeners.

How to

It is best to set the release date a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to allow enough time for the Spotify editors to properly review your track. After you have uploaded the track via your distributor, follow the below steps for playlist consideration:

  • Login to Spotify for Artists 
  • Head to the Music tab, then Upcoming
  • Select Get Started, and select the release you wish to submit

Now comes the most important part. You cannot pick a specific playlist to submit to, so the editors select the most suitable one based on the information you provide. 

You must outline how you plan to promote your track, alongside identifying the vibe, feeling and sub-genres associated with your upcoming release. If you are having difficulty with this, it might be no harm to call in a few pairs of objective ears to help. 

If you do get on a playlist, this will have an accumulative effect for all of your future releases, as it forms a very strong base from which your audience can grow.


Case study

Article photo - Spotify: Generate maximum traffic for your release, without blogsI operate as an artist under the name Blakkheart, here are two examples of my previous releases. The tracks were of a similar nature, the only difference being the approach I used in each Spotify release:

Moonlight - Darce feat. Blakkheart < 2000 streams

  • I didn’t set a pre-release date ( therefore missed out on playlist submission)
  • I uploaded track to Spotify straight after receiving the mastered track
  • I did very little promotion (only one post of artwork on Facebook and Instagram)


Article photo - Spotify: Generate maximum traffic for your release, without blogsEnlightened - Darce feat. Blakkheart  37k+ streams

  • I set the release date to 5 weeks in advance, submitted it to be considered for a Spotify editorial playlist
  • We both promoted it on social media with the artwork and a variety short animations
  • The track was put on Spotify’s ‘Chilled Pop Hits’ playlist which generated over 37,000 streams



When utilized correctly, this platform plays an invaluable role in generating traffic for your Spotify release. Distributors provide a hyperlink for upcoming releases which allow people to pre-save your new track, so make sure to have this link on your Instagram profile.

How to

In order to direct people to this link and to make them aware of your upcoming music, some engaging content is key.

Instagram posts allow you to reach vast amounts of new people, who are directly interested in your style of music, or artists similar to you. Look at other artist’s posts that have done very well pre-release, make note of the content of these posts alongside the hash-tags they used (these massively affect who sees your posts)


Case Study

Ruth Brosnan - Good Enough 

Photo credit @mikibarlok

Article photo - Spotify: Generate maximum traffic for your release, without blogsLeading up to the release of her debut track "Good Enough", Cork singer songwriter Ruth Brosnan heavily promoted her track on Instagram. She used a variety of very creative methods that kept people (including myself) curious to the point that huge numbers pre-saved it on Spotify to stream it upon release. The majority of these posts heavily emphasized the strong and powerful message behind the track, which struck a chord with a lot of people.

  • She first posted the artwork for the track, with details of release etc
  • She then posted some behind the scenes photos for the music video
  • Next was a very engaging snippet of the music video, with no audio

The track did incredibly well upon release, receiving thousands of streams which is a massive accomplishment for a debut single from an independent artist.


These are some of the ways in which you can generate MAXIMUM traffic for your Spotify release - without blogs. If you have any other methods let us know in the comments!

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Eimear Ann O Sullivan is a multi-genre music producer, audio engineer and vocalist. After receiving a Masters in Music Technology from the CIT Cork School of Music, she went on to operate as a producer under the name Blakkheart. Her releases have received critical acclaim from Ireland's biggest music publications, such as District Magazine and Nialler9, alongside receiving heavy commercial radio airplay. She currently works in Cork recording studio Flashpoint CC. Previous clients of hers include the likes of Comedy Central’s Dragony Aunt star Candy Warhol, rapper Darce and Outsider YP. (Photo credit @Fabian Boros)

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