Summer in a Lush Green Paradise (Playlist)

Songs for slipping into a meditative state and entering lush, kaleidoscopic gardens in your mind.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - Summer in a Lush Green Paradise (Playlist)

1. Spectacular Diagnostics -  Calibration (Intro)


2. Spectacular Diagnostics - Skywriting

Taken from the Chicago-based producer’s album Natural Mechanics; the first two tracks sound like the opening music for a retro computer programme; which serves as the perfect, dreamy entry into another dimension. You will visualize new worlds of muted pastel; the soundscapes allowing you to drift away into a dreamscape filled with plants.

3. Roisín Murphy - Assimilation (Crooked Machine) 

The producer of Roisín Machine  (Richard Barrett aka Crooked Man) released an EP of all the title tracks reimagined; Assimilation allows you to travel through time and space; opening with hauntingly beautiful vocals, before diving into space groove disco - put on your headphones, and allow yourself to explore. 

4. Sarah Klang - Fever Dream

All of Sarah Klang’s music sounds like it came from another era and time; Fever Dream being drenched in the melancholic quality of a sun-soaked memory. Lose yourself in this lush, rich, hypnotic Americana with soaring vocals. 

5. Carpark - Don’t Know Why We Met

A time portal to the 90s and early 2000s; this song sounds like the best pop/rock from that era ( think Avril Lavinge, Foo Fighters) with its slightly mournful guitars and gorgeously stacked vocals, this will send you into a trance as you embark on an internal journey back to your youth.

6. Outsider YP & BOYSTELLLIES - smells like MTV

Sounds like a song you would have stumbled upon while surfing through the music channels in that same era; featuring grungy guitars and fantastic vocals, this is a trip to another time.

7. Jacob Mann - Pier Walk

Relaxing, chilled, and fuzzy - this will send you into a peaceful, molten state where everything is, and will always be, just fine.

8. Jacob Collier, Justin Kauflin - Flow Freely

This will soothe your mind and provide you with the tranquility of being in nature (no matter where you are). Made in collaboration with pianist Justin Kauflin for a documentary called Reflection (A Walk With Water); the composition and sound design of Flow Freely possess the motion of water, which alongside Jacob’s soothing vocals, will provide an oasis of calm into which you can immerse yourself fully.

9. Ginger Root - Loretta 

Divinely chill disco with retro vocals - this will make you happy.

10. Henry Solomon, Logan Kane, OPEN EYES THE BOY PHOENIX, Civil Bear - Evening Meditation

A mediation soundscape that possesses the warmth and sounds of another time (sounds slightly like a meditation soundscape from the 70s, that you came across accidentally in a vinyl sale) which will stimulate your imagination with its divine and magical synth selections. 

11. Rodolphe Lauretta, Genevieve Artadi - Anticipation 

Chilled and rich vocals; with a dreamy electric piano backdrop and funky beat. This is made for chilled evenings as day turns into night.

12. Cleo Sol - Shine

Balmy organs, dreamy synths, and vocals, this song exists to reassure you ( ‘patience will be kind’) to remind you to go easy on yourself, to just chill and let go. 

13. Natasha Bedingfield - Lighthearted 

Truly one of the most creative and unique songwriters out there ( her debut album Unwritten being the soundtrack to my childhood and teenage years) Lighthearted plays around with vocal processing in a way that manages to be a sonic version of sunshine.

14. Lava La Rue, Deb Never - Angel

Everything from Lava La Rue’s EP Butter-Fly is drenched with a warm, magical quality; this song possessing a sickly smooth RnB vibe mixed with dreamy shoegaze. 

15. Tyler, The Creator (feat Youngboy Never Broke Again & Ty Dolla $ign) - WUSYANAME 

This has the glittering smoothness of songs from the early 2000s; fused with a slight G-Funk feel, however, this combined with the lyrics results in something that is unlike anything you have ever heard before. 

16. Kwamie Liv - An Ordinary Day

A cover of Søren Huss’s Et Helt Almindeligt Liv - this is reflective and contemplative; a song for looking out across a view as you think about day to day life; and find peace.

17. Sibylle Baier - Color Green

Sounds like a relaxing evening from the 70s; surrounded by green and crafting; while something magical and ancient is in the air.

18. Adam Cats - If Aliens Came

Where does your mind go when you relax? 

If first contact, or what aliens would do if they landed on earth is one of those topics, then this stream of consciousness exploration is for you. Rapper Adam Cats explores this topic in verse; over a warm, sickly smooth 90s inspired beat, providing nutrition for your brain.

19. NIMF - Hey, There’s a Rainbow

Let yourself fall into a molten magical world, gentle, warm and ethereal synthesis, layered vocals. Fantastic sound design from the Wicklow artist.

20. Greentea Peng - Meditation

Green Tea Peng’s music videos have a strong theme of vibrant green rooms and outfits; all surrounded by luscious plants. This song is to allow yourself to just chill, with a relaxed guitar and her soothing voice, this will lull you into a chilled-out haze.


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