TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - February 2024 Edition

Welcome to another edition of TRAP SONGS WE LOVED, our musical journey through February 2024’s inspiring tracks and hard-hitting beats. Join us as we turn up the heat and let trap take over.

This edit features the latest releases by Jamie Slacks, World Movement (Fuego Flames), Fresh Way, King J The Great, T-Bruin, OldGod, Grafi, Big Saturn, Friozz & $aint Ali, and AKUYA 悪役.

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

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SIESTE - Jamie Slacks

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - February 2024 Edition

Let’s kick the list off with SIESTE, the 6th track of UN PETIT GHETTO album released on February 19th. We liked it because it was fresh, urban, and creative. 

So give it a listen! And if you liked it, spread the word about Sieste and share the tune with friends and loved ones. Who knows, you might just help someone find their own moment along Jamie Slacks’ lyrics lines.

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Girls love vampires (feat. 1kcxxpe) - World Movement (Fuego Flames)

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Girls Love Vampires is indeed a suitable title for a song filled with atmospheric and romantic beats that remind of purple and orange sunsets. It's the kind of song that transports you to a dimly lit dance floor, where the air is electric with anticipation and desire.

Whether you're a fan of infectious beats or craving a dose of musical seduction, you can trust this track’s energy to deliver.

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Amaze - Fresh Way

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - February 2024 Edition

Amaze isn’t just a beat with fiery rhythms. Despite its instrumental nature, Amaze tells a story of its own—a tale of anticipation, exhilaration, and boundless possibility.

This is the first track on Fresh Way’s upcoming album that you can find on Bandcamp. We can confidently say that this collection gives a sneak peek at the artist’s energy and talent in blending sounds and sonic territories.

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Fake The Funk - King J The Great

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - February 2024 Edition

When you listen to this song, one word leaps to the forefront of your mind: authentic. But, if we were to come up with a few more, we’d also add “raw”, “honest”, and “memorable” to the list.

In other words, Fake the Funk is a testament to the power of music as a tool for self-expression.

So hit the play button and bop to the groove, ponder the lyrics, and keep it real.

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The Highs (Intro) - T-Bruin​

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The Highs is an introduction to T-Bruin's latest album Highs Never Last released on February 16th. In this track, T-Bruin acknowledges that the pursuit of happiness is an inherent part of the human experience and his warnings against the allure of fleeting highs.

It’s noteworthy to add that the artist’s raw and honest delivery adds a layer of value and authenticity to his lyrics. 

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Keyboard Warrior - OldGod

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Infectious rhythms burrow into your soul from the first note of this track. In Keyboard Warrior, Old God's mastery behind the boards creates a vibe that's straight out of a cyberpunk thriller, where every click and clack feels like a battle cry.

The title Keyboard Warrior says it all—it's a nod to the online gladiators who wage war with words and memes from behind their screens. As you listen, you'll feel the pulse of the internet coursing through your veins, urging you to join the fray!

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M​✷​rgenstern - Grafi

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - February 2024 Edition

Step into Grafi's twilight realm with his mesmerizing new album, morgengrau. The title morgengrau speaks to the album's thematic exploration of twilight—the liminal space between darkness and light, where shadows dance and dreams take flight. 

And let’s just say that M​✷​rgenstern reminds listeners of the dark side.

In Grafi's world, sound becomes emotion, and the melody becomes memory. Give his songs a listen and let us know what you thought about them!

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Know Better - Big Saturn

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Know Better kicks off with a burst of lover-boy energy, courtesy of Big Saturn's masterful production and dynamic vocals. This is THE track to slow dance to, or perhaps, an invitation to turn down the lights and feel yourself. 

Roll your body to the rhythm of Know Better on one of the platforms mentioned below.

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4 A.M. - Firozz & $aint Ali

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Dive into the nocturnal realm with 4 A.M. by Firozz and $aint Ali. Feel the essence of those solitary hours—the hushed whispers of the night, the gentle hum of the city, and the quiet longing that fills the air.

Give this one a listen, embrace the beauty of the night, and surrender to the mysteries that lie within.

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Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - February 2024 Edition

In AKUYA's sonic landscape, silence becomes a language, and darkness becomes a canvas for introspection. 

The title Recluse speaks to the track's thematic exploration of solitude and withdrawal. As you listen, you're transported to the inner sanctum of the recluse, where walls close in and shadows dance with secrets untold.

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