TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

Welcome to a new edition of TRAP SONGS WE LOVED, my musical journey through March 2024’s inspiring tracks and hard-hitting beats. Let’s turn up the heat and let the Trap take over.

This edit features the latest releases by 42channelnoise, SOUDIERE, M17, PURPPB3RRY, Adm’O Da Rapper, Smoke Supreme, HOODMAFIA & DOOKU, JRGRETZKY, Yung Bmr, and Garquo

By Araz MirbavandiContributing Author

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

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Worst Case Scenario - Garquo

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

Worst Case Scenario is not just some beat, it’s a story. The beginning strikes the hardest and the follow-up gives goosebumps. This is a roller coaster of emotions and a flow of events all passing by like flashes before your eyes. I absolutely love the flute (if I’m not mistaken) and the traditional vibes and mixed genres of this song.

If you appreciate innovation and storytelling in music as I do, then you’ll love Worst Case Scenario, a beat that seems to be doing really fine on its own and without any vocals.

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M O N S T E R​赤​ち​ゃ​ん - 42channelnoise (Record label: DPT Records)

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

What an enigmatic and intriguing collection this album was! It was hard to choose one to introduce but I finally made up my mind when I gave M O N S T E R​赤​ち​ゃ​ん a listen for the second time. It’s a drunken Blade Runner 2049, a joy ride, and a trip to Mars all at once. 

Can’t imagine what it’d be like to give 42channelnoise’s last Trap collection, ホ 4 2 ホ, a listen while partying!

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Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

LINEN gives off those early 2010 club vibes. That’s how I would describe it because images of Mr.Robot and club bathrooms flashed before my eyes simultaneously while listening to LINEN for the first time.

I admire SOUDIERE for his individual style and the fact that he keeps it at the forefront of whatever project it is he’s working on. Keep it real SOUDIERE!

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Black Hat (M17 Remix) - M17

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

While Looking for A New Space caught my attention first, I found myself more interested in Black Hat (M17 Remix). There’s something deeply unsettling about this beat that makes you want to either crash your car into an abyss or do a convulsion (the dance move)!

I can envision this being played during a Rick Owens afterparty. That should tell you enough about this piece (to summarize: hard, creative, a little dark).

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I Don’t Care - PURPPB3RRY

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

There’s no better way to describe the experience of listening to the Trap track I Don’t Care than comparing it to Tupac and Lil Uzi Vert’s musical child (but slowed down). Play it at the gym, on your way to the gym, or on your way from gym to home. It’s what you’re looking for.

Criminal Slang is what the album is called, and you can find more tracks from this Trap artist on Bandcamp.

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Freestyle 2 - Adm'O Da Rapper

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

What a passionate token of love, is what I thought upon hearing this authentic (and somewhat random) song! We may not be able to guess what the next line is going to be about, but we know it’s trap and we know it’s refreshing. So give it a listen and drop a comment about what you thought if you did!

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New Man - Smoke Supreme

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

The first track on Smoke Supreme’s latest album, ACID SMOKE, is a rad jam if I’ve ever heard one. This is probably a Trap song version of what it’d feel like to come off acid. The tempo changes relentlessly, not giving you a chance to process the last line before the next one hits.

I like New Man because it’s creative and far from boring. Give it a listen and check out the artist on Bandcamp if you liked them!

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Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

Hot Box has those old-school hip-hop vibes that’ll have your head bopping to the beat and maybe air-DJing if the mood strikes. I love the loop used in this beat and I love that I can see myself studying or working while enjoying the whole album, UNTOLD EP.

In fact, that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. And I suggest you give this album and HOT BOX specifically if you enjoy old-school and chill hip-hop and trap vibes.

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LISTEN TO ME, I’M NEXT UP reads JRGRETZKY’s bio on Bandcamp and I believe him. Once you give Cher a listen, I believe you will, too. Cher is the vibe. It’s that whirlpool of emotions you feel once you realize you’re in love and the peaceful feeling that sits in your gut once you’re out of it. 

This NYC artist knows what he’s doing and I can’t wait to see what he has for his listeners next! Check out the whole album, You Become Light, on Bandcamp below.

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Butterflies - Yung Bmr

Article photo - TRAP SONGS WE LOVED! - March 2024 Edition

Yung Bmr is one of those artists whose art you can appreciate for its raw and authentic feels. “Butterflies” has a fluttering sadness and contagious energy about it that doesn’t get repetitive no matter how many times you listen to it. 

One look at the album “Don’t Forget Me” and it becomes clear that the theme of this artist’s latest venture is on the soft and romantic side. Give it a listen and share with others if you enjoyed “Butterflies” like I did!

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