The Underground Forest - Vol 14

This month’s edition of The Underground Forest features; a song that sounds like it could be from Scott Pilgrim; a magical celestial bed of electronics with Y2K trance synths; a sultry, luxurious song about reflecting on moments past; chamber pop that will induce a rush of euphoria; gentle, chill Bossa Nova to chill on the floor in your home, enjoying coffee and the sun streaming in through the window, and more!

Featuring AVIV, Olive Louise,  Kiana, Middle Part, Lisa Remar, yuné pinku, Gal Musette and alici.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

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Jimmy’s House - AVIV

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

Gentle, melancholic folk, with muted piano notes shimmering at the edges; raw lyrics flow over the lush backdrop, the opening lines being “I never felt like that before/Like the night you left for Jimmy’s House”. This induces some of the feelings we try to keep at bay with endless distractions;the terror of being left truly alone, wrenched away from a familiar connection.

AVIV says the song is "a song about worry, particularly anxiety caused by physical distance. We grow so used to that person always being there and when they aren't, and you're left alone, you become lost". 

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Garden - Olive Louise

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

Taken from the EP 275 Kings Point Road, named after the place where she grew up.  Olive lost both her parents at a young age; ‘Garden’ is a wish, a hope,  that they are together; and that one day, they will all be together again. It opens “The Ivy’s really overgrown/ Weeds are growing through the cobblestone” bringing you a place that was once your home, the green foliage that has spread reminding you of the relentlessness of nature; and how much time has passed, causing you to reflect on how things once were. This song is a beautiful piano ballad, with vocals that will make you feel like you are right there, beside Olive Louise. This is an ode to memories; a reminder to appreciate the loved ones in your life while they are here. 

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So Dramatic - Middle Part

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

Gentle, lofi pop with some shoegaze and 90s vibes; this is taken from the album Time is Elastic. The nostalgic, DIY feel results in something that could have been plucked from the past; and, for some reason, I imagine this taking place in the world of Scott Pilgrim. 

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Split decisions - Kiana

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

This is a sultry and seductive song; one that is soulful and melancholy; yet oozes with glamor. It flows like red wine or coffee; a luxurious companion for delicious, yet difficult moments alone, when you are by yourself, reflecting back on things, and growing as a person. 

On the track KIANA shares, “The verses are almost like flashbacks that reminisce over memories and who that person was, and is vulnerable in the reality that when you let go of someone - you do continue to think about everything that you had, what could’ve been, and you learn to understand yourself and the other person more when the situation is done with.” 

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WOKE UP EARLY - Lisa Remar

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

A mix of r&b, drum and bass and hyper-pop, with a fun 90s style callback in the chorus; this is the newest release from Japanese-American producer, singer and songwriter Lisa Remar. I love the opening lines, “ Woke up early today/ I just wanna impress myself/ And nobody else”, about embracing the euphoria of life, and feeling ready for love again. This song is personal, it is healing, and fun all around.

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Trinity - yuné pinku

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

I will admit that I have become somewhat of a yuné pinku stan, ever since I discovered her music in 2022. I cannot even begin to describe the euphoria experienced this morning, when I accidentally discovered she had, in fact, released an entire EP at the end of April. Trinity is the opening track of the album; it is a lush paradise of celestial pads, with Y2K trance-like synths entering, a bass rising underneath this ethereal synthesis. The vocals enter like a cloud; the chorus having 90s electronic influences, this is gorgeously unique and will sweep you away to another plane of existence.

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Moment - Gal Musette

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

Gorgeous chamber pop that feels cinematic; this induces the rush of feeling shown in the artwork (pictured above). This also has a bit of an indie pop feel, with a dash of noir, it is hard to fully articulate the impact of this song, its glory is one you have to experience its effects for yourself. 

On the song Gal confides, "Moment was a song I wrote one verse for 7 years ago, but at some point I lost the paper with lyrics on it and over time almost completely forgot the melody. Years later when I experienced a significant personal loss, I was struggling to express my grief and fell into a crippling season of writer's block. By a stroke of serendipity, the lyric reappeared on a folded piece of paper in my glove compartment which triggered a memory of the melody, and led full circle to my finishing the song and beginning to let go." 

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Frutas - alici

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Vol 14

This is gentle, gorgeous and sun soaked to its core. The newest release from New York based multi instrumentalist alici (a native of Belo Horizonte, Brazil) is a mellow and rich blend of Bossa Nova mixed Jazz and Soul; and features the most lavish orchestral arrangement. This is one to listen to, at home, with coffee in your hand, chilling and letting yourself enjoy the moment as the sun streams in through the window. This is a treat for your mind and ears.

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