The Underground Forest - Volume 22

This month’s edition of The Underground Forest features an alt-90s punk/grunge song that would have dominated Kerrang! back in the 2000s; a pop/electronic song that induces Sophie Ellis Bextor levels of dopamine; a gentle instrumental beat that sounds like a shimmering purple mirage; an RnB song that has early 2000s levels of smoothness and shimmer; and more! 

Featuring: Jillelli, Watchglass, Diana McGrane, Nougat, Rook1e, Limes, Vanilla, halberd, Deeb, DellaXOZ, jxne, Cooper Phillip, and Fabiana Palladino

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

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the brightest morning - Watchglass

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

I came across this on Bandcamp, the place I go to look through the lush foliage of some of the most imaginative and creative new music releases. This is taken from the album Beautiful Dust, by Sydney-based group Watchglass. 

This reminds me of the deep heat in the summer; where everything seems slightly surreal, when things are blurring at the edges due to the heat; the colors kaleidoscopic. This is entrancing and bewitching; in the way some of the best alt-90s electronic music is. This exists in the space in between; that meditative state where you are reminded of how wonderful it is to be alive, and become aware of all the life that exists all around you.

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You’re too Sweet - Jillelli

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

This induces Sophie Ellis Bextor levels of raw euphoria; with a dash of 90s house (I can also kind of imagine one of the characters in Spaced making this).

If you ever wanted to hear an electronic pop song that sounds like bubblegum ice cream from the early 2000s; then this newest song from Dublin-based music producer/singer Jilllelli is it. Funk guitars, warm pads, house/pop vocals with flawless production, what more do you need? 

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Come again - DellaXOZ

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

Alt 1990s punk and grunge textures, mixed with hypnotic layered vocals; this newest song from artist/producer DellaXOZ is absolutely phenomenal. The melody of the vocal draws you in instantly, a sense of slight foreboding and unease building between the main vocal and the music; resolving into a truly glorious chorus - turn this up full volume and let everything out. 

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She's A Player - Cooper Phillip

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

This brings me back to the warm rush of dopamine that came from listening to a new Destiny's Child track, or the feeling you got from discovering one of the best Rnb tracks from the late 90s/early 2000s. I have not heard a song in quite some time that has induced that very specific rush; but Cooper Phillip’s She’s A Player has that magical quality.

This has incredible vocals, the background music shimmers, and glitters; it is a smooth blend of rnb and neo-soul - the chorus possesses Mariah Carey levels of luxurious velveteen-like textures. 

On the song Cooper confides, "I wrote She's A Player about looking to fall in love and found that by finding my own empowerment and ultimate acceptance, I essentially found the greatest love is one from within."

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Can I See Your Lovely? - Diana McGran

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

Gentle, warm, folk rock; this feels like it plays over the sunset of a good memory. This invites you to cherish the time you have with those closest to you; Can I See Your Lovely? has a beautiful familiar warmth; breathe it in and allow it to soothe you, just like a good loose-leaf tea, or a moment in the sun with friend and family, this is just wonderful. 

On the song, Diana says “"Somehow singing the lyrics filled the wounded heart with hope and the promise that the impact that one can have on you is never lost. The imagery in the song creates an illusion that love is connected to everything, from the “sunshine on my window” to the “colors of a rainbow.” Later, after the loss of a parent, the song again seemed to provide comfort for the pain, proving that “Can I See Your Lovely?” serves as a symbol of faith for those that need it and the belief that you may once again see the wonder of someone’s eyes."

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Stay With Me Through The Night - Fabiana Palladino

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

I absolutely love the vibe of the visuals accompanying the newest single release from artist Fabiana Palladino; the song itself is wonderful, with soulful vocals that draw you in straight away, the instrumental being a blend of jazz, Rnb and funk; this is one to listen to at night time, as you prepare for the wonders that await in the twilight.

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Moorish Mirage - Nougat, Rook1e, Limes, Vanilla, halberd, Deeb

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

A sonic portal to a purple-soaked mirage; let this sweep you up in its lush, dreamy textures, and let it relax you, as you journey to distant lands from dimensions that exist somewhere between reality and a dream (this sounds like it was plucked directly from in the world from the artwork).  

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Utah - jxne

Article photo - The Underground Forest - Volume 22

This newest release from artist jxne features mournful soundscapes blended with lush Americana textures; the results being a dreamy blend of Post Malone and Frank Ocean. Written after someone close to him moved away, this is lavish, it is beautiful, turn it on and get lost in the clouds. 

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