What Budget Reverb Is Good For Me? We Picked The Best!

We have put together a list of some of the most exceptional reverbs out there; ranging from vintage spring reverb emulations to reverbs that will make you sound like you recorded yourself in a gothic cathedral and more. Demo versions are available for all plugins mentioned.

By Eimear O SullivanMusicngear Editor

Article photo - What Budget Reverb Is Good For Me? We Picked The Best!

Spaced Out  - Baby Audio

Article photo - What Budget Reverb Is Good For Me? We Picked The Best!

Price: $69 ( Demo version available also)

This plugin will make your music sound like it is from a Criterion sci-fi masterpiece from the past; while also sounding modern ( this plugin sounds incredible on pads). The interface brings to mind the controls of a spaceship venturing into the cosmos (you can also switch between light and dark mode); furthering the sense of excitement as you use this plugin to explore sonic worlds beyond the realms of what you thought previously possible.

Developed by Danish company Baby Audio, Spaced Out has a reverb/modulation effect called Space Engine; and also has a 16 step sequencer (Echoes Engine, which syncs to the tempo specified in your DAW, and also allows you to add different textures to the sound, such as Lofi, Wonky Tape, Hazy and Clean). This plugin was inspired by classic Roland RE-201 Space Echo; however this plugin is not a recreation or emulation of this, but a ‘fun, flavored and futuristic for the 21st century as the Space Echo was for its own time’( source - babyaud.io)



Article photo - What Budget Reverb Is Good For Me? We Picked The Best!

Price: $50 (Demo version available also)

No other reverb plugin sounds quite like this.

ValhallaPlate is based on a physical object; the plate reverb; which was used massively in the recordings of the 60s and 70s, with this particular plugin being based on the EMT 140 plate reverb. This results in a smooth, luscious and haunting reverb plugin that is so powerful; you could create a whole rich soundscape with just a few notes.

This plugin is specifically designed to be used as a send, and has an awesome feature in which you can lock the mix knob; in order to keep the same mix settings as you as you browse through the library of presets ( this is great for ensuring that the mix doesn’t get too crowded, and saves a lot of time).

Even though metal sheets are a primary component of plate reverb; its sonic characteristics are not metallic and harsh; but rich and full, and can be used on any instrument ( this plugin is really good on drums also). This can bring a very simple recording of vocals with a solitary instrumental accompaniment to a whole new emotional level.

If you want to see a physical version of the plate reverb, see here


Verberate 2 - Acon Digital 

Article photo - What Budget Reverb Is Good For Me? We Picked The Best!

Price: $99 ( Demo version available also)

This reverb plugin from Acon Digital will transport you and your music to huge cathedrals, giant halls, wooden rooms and many other wonderful locations, with profound acoustic realism. 

It also allows you exceptional control over the reverb; as it comes with a selection of early reflections options ( some examples of these options being room, hall, chamber, tiled, reverse, plate and more), a decay editor which allows you to sculpt the reverb tails; in addition to an EQ. These controls allow you to address one of the most common difficulties that can be presented when working with reverb plugins, where things can get muddy and crowded very quickly. All of this results in an exceptionally spacious and clean sound; while still being lucious; delivering the magic and emotion that only the very best reverb can bring.


Springs - Audio Thing

Article photo - What Budget Reverb Is Good For Me? We Picked The Best!

Price:  $44 ( Demo version available also)

Springs is a plugin from Dublin-based company AudioThing and is a reverb that adds exceptional character to your mix due to it featuring a collection of vintage spring reverbs.  

This plugin allows you a huge amount of editing control over the reverb itself; when you click on the wrench tool, an editing window pops up, allowing you to control the parameters of the reverb ( attack, decay etc).

In addition to this, it is paired with a Baxandall EQ emulation ( usually this only has parameters for bass and treble, but they added a mid band also). There are 15 vintage spring reverb emulations to choose from (one of these being the HR-12, a vintage Japanese spring verb). Presets Warm Secret and Vintage Vibe sound great (especially on synths and pads) - this is easy to use, allows the user a lot of control, and adds a nice depth to your mix. 


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